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Get your supply chain onboard with forced labour compliance

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The new Canadian Modern Slavery Act is compulsory, and the first report deadline of May 31st, 2024 is on the horizon. It’s easy to see that unprepared businesses may be panicking to get their ducks in a row in time. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to engage with your supply chain – to ensure everyone understands the importance of being complaint in the face of the new Act. So where do you start?

Begin gathering all the information you can

The annual report requires you to declare all the risk mitigation data you’ve captured, plus the activities and steps you’re taking to solve them. So, it’s best to start gathering this information while you have time. The information within your report that you’ll submit will need to include:

  • Your structure, activities, and supply chains
  • Your policies and due diligence processes in relation to forced labour and child labour
  • The parts of your business and supply chains that carry a risk of forced labour and child labour and the steps it takes to assess and manage that risk
  • Measures taken to remediate forced labour and child labour
  • Measures taken to remediate the loss of income to the most vulnerable families that results from the measure taken to eliminate the use of forced labour and child labour
  • Training provided to employees on forced labour and child labour
  • How you assess its effectiveness in ensuring that forced labour and child labour is not being used in its business and supply chains

Using the information you’ve gathered, look for weak spots.

When gathering this data, you’ll be able to see any shortcomings in your compliance practices. What’s the quality of your data looking like? Are you tracking due diligence processes? Are there any areas you don’t have complete visibility over? Now’s the time to identify your weak spots and begin implementing solutions – they’ll need to go into your annual report, so best get things underway.

Communication is key

It can be easy to let contractors slip through the net. But it’s essential everyone’s up to speed on the importance of ESG compliance if you’re going to get accurate data and action off the back of your risk mitigation strategies. If contractors understand the importance of data tracking, and how you’ll help them provide the information you need, you’ll strengthen your partnerships with them which in turn strengthens the visibility of your supply chain from the inside out.

Teamwork makes the dream work

You can also lean on a reputable third-party contractor management provider to take the ESG compliance management off your plate.

Our technology and team of experts support both hiring clients and contractors through this process. And we’re the only solution that captures data and provides visibility at an individual level, through all layers of the supply chain.

At Alcumus SafeContractor, we’re a safe pair of hands and here to provide you with the tools you need to attain due diligence and compliance.

  • A dynamic qualification questionnaire developed in line with the specific work carried out by a contractor
  • Bilingual capability and unrivalled support for global relevance
  • New ‘Gold’ standard question set tailored specifically for the new Forced Labour Act and wider ESG compliance topics

Discover Alcumus SafeContractor, a solution that provides one true view of your supply chain risk and takes the pain out of compliance for over 55,000 organizations globally, helping to protect people, operations, and the planet.

It’s not just about managing contractors; it’s our dedication to navigating you through the complexities of contractor qualification and giving you the confidence that your contractor network upholds a standard of excellence in safety, ethics, and professionalism. We ask the compliance questions your organization cares about, so you don’t have to.

It’s time to benchmark where you are on your supply chain compliance journey, and it is a journey. One we’ll help you navigate and build on as we move forward together. Partner with Alcumus SafeContractor today!

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