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Equip your team for their next project with our online health and safety and HR courses. Our training platform, SafeLearning, lets you manage employees’ training more efficiently while meeting hiring clients’ requirements.

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SafeLearning provides an effortless way of preparing your team for their next project. You can easily assign training to team members so they’re crystal clear on what needs to be done. Managing their training profiles is a breeze, with the platform automatically tracking completed courses for each employee. On top of this, you’ll receive training reports and stats to help you keep an eye on your team’s compliance.

With SafeLearning, there’s no more juggling schedules to find the ideal time and place for training. Team members will benefit from round-the-clock access, and they can complete training on any device with internet. Train your team anytime, anywhere, saving you both money and headaches.

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Prove you’re compliant

Stand out from the competition by assuring clients you understand their requirements. Our extensive catalogue shows you which courses are recognised by each hiring company, meaning you can be proactive and prepare your team early on.

Get your team site-ready

SafeLearning is a hassle-free way to ensure your team arrives on-site fully trained and ready to go. Hiring clients around the world use it to create their courses, making it your one-stop shop for training.

Expert online training

Developed by our training experts, our SafeLearning platform is the ideal tool for monitoring the compliance of employees, teams, and whole departments with your own or your clients’ requirements.

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The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a comprehensive system for providing information on the safe use of hazardous materials in North American workplaces through labels, safety data sheets (SDS), worker education and training programs. This training will allow you to learn more about this system and its applications.

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Fall Prevention and Protection (Complete Series)

Same level falls, holes, mezzanines, scaffolding, platforms, ladders, stepladders, roofs, towers or skyscrapers, etc.: opportunities to fall are everywhere. Year after year, falls are among the leading causes of workplace deaths. This training addresses the main situations that expose workers to the risk of falls and includes the basic principles and techniques of fall protection to recognize and prevent potential hazards associated with working at heights.

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Lockout Tagout

Controlling hazardous energies during installation, maintenance, repair or unjamming of equipment is essential to prevent serious work accidents caused by them. Lockout is one of the methods to use to control them. During this training, you will learn about the principles, tools and methods to isolate equipment from these energies and to lock out access to these sources, to prevent any uncontrolled use.

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Respiratory Protection

In some work environments, there may be contaminants present as gases, fumes, vapors, dusts or mists. In those cases, wear a respiratory protective equipment adapted to the contaminant to protect your respiratory tract. This training will allow you to learn more about the equipment available and how to adjust it.

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Confined Spaces- Entry/ Monitor

Sometimes, some work must be performed in a confined space, which is a totally or partially enclosed area, not designed to be occupied by people. Confined space work requires rigorous preparation and complex procedures. This training allows you to learn more about the safe practices to implement in these restricted environments to limit the risk of accidents.

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