Employee compliance training 

Our employee compliance platform is a quick and easy way to gain visibility over your employee’s training compliance.

Employee management 

Know which of your employees are on site and their compliance and capability levels, as well as making sure they meet your criteria for the job carrying out.

Customized courses 

Let our experts create courses that are tailored to your needs. Our e-learning developers and subject matter experts work together to design online training that’s thorough and easy to use. 


Hassle-free training 

With our employee compliance platform, there’s no need to find a time and place that suits everyone when it comes to training. Employees will gain 24/7 access to courses, and they can complete them on any device with an internet connection. This means they can fit training around their busy schedules, saving everyone time and money. 


A painless process 

Our employee compliance platform lets you do everything you need to in just a few clicks. Assign training to your employees so they know exactly what they need to complete. After that, you’ll automatically see completed courses as well as reports that help you monitor compliance. 

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