Contractor Approval

Outstrip the competition with SafeContractor.

With SafeContractor approved status you can assure your customers that you meet all of the standards and regulations they require. It helps you win more of the work you need to grow your business, with more than 100 North American hiring companies already using our platform to source supply chain partners.

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Contractor Approval

Demonstrating your compliance

It couldn’t be simpler to show hiring clients which standards and regulations you comply with. All you need to do is complete your profile on our online portal, fill out a quick questionnaire, and upload supporting documents. 

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Why join SafeContractor?

Partner with the experts

During more than 20 years, we’ve worked with over 100 North American hiring organizations to provide assurance that their contractors comply with regulations from health and safety to modern slavery.

Build your reputation

SafeContractor approval showcases your high standards and commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability and is internationally recognised and respected. And we can’t wait to pass some of our credibility on to you.

Better ways of working

We don’t just approve you; we help you become and stay compliant by improving the way you work. SafeContractor approval ensures you follow safe, high quality, and sustainable practices for your people and the planet.

Mitigate risks

Manage the biggest risks to your business by ensuring you comply with regulations and standards. SafeContractor approval can identify potential issues before they become problems, reducing the risk.

Keep up with changes

Keeping up with changing regulations isn’t easy when you’ve got a business to run. We’re here to lighten the load, informing you of upcoming changes and helping you stay compliant with them.

Feel supported

Our experts have worked in the trade themselves and understand your challenges. They’re always on hand to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide resources that make approval quick and easy.

Contractor Approval

How does it work? 

Approval is just a few simple steps away. 

Step 1.

Register on our online platform.

Step 2.

Our support team will help you build your qualification profile.

Step 3.

Complete a questionnaire and upload supporting documents. We only ask you questions relevant to your business so that you can really showcase your competencies.

Step 4.

We’ll review your questionnaire and check your documents before sending the application to an auditor for a detailed assessment. If anything is missing, we’ll help you fill in the gaps as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 5.

When your auditor is happy you meet the assessment criteria, they’ll issue your 12-month SafeContractor approval.

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