Blog • 04.12.23

Contractor Visibility: Doing the right thing

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If you’re running multiple sites, maybe across several regions, you already know – hiring and managing potentially thousands of contractors who are both capable and compliant is a heavyweight challenge.

Business health and safety performance is more and more in the spotlight – which means the risks of getting things wrong with contractors grows.

Legal systems around the world make companies procuring services from contractors and subcontractors responsible for their health & safety, and for the regulatory compliance of all those who work at the facilities or on projects.

Even with contractor visibility rising as a priority for global companies, almost 7 out of 10 admit that they do not have full visibility over their entire supply chain.

At its simplest, this is about businesses Doing the Right Thing, taking measures to make sure everyone goes home healthy every day. But if mistakes are made, it’s not only the well-being of employees that’s threatened – your organization’s reputation can be in jeopardy, with all the commercial, social, and financial impacts that reputational damage entails.

So the ‘why’ is easy. The question is, how can businesses manage the mountain of data they need to make sure their ever-changing pool of  contractors is unfailingly compliant, even when legislation moves on?

The digital way to Do the Right Thing

The difference is transparency. Making workplace risk visible everywhere that counts – compliance, competency, training, and qualification for every contractor – and having effortless processes in place to guarantee that changing requirements never leave you behind. A proactive dynamic approach.

In short, ours.

Alcumus SafeContractor delivers a centralized digital platform that cuts the risk, reduces the cost, and streamlines the workload of employing the most capable, compliant contractors.

In place of costly, manual, time-consuming, error-prone processes, our innovative platform captures, stores, and manages all your contractor data in one place, giving you:

  • a database of 15,000 qualified contractors to source and on-board into your business
  • pre-qualification of every contractor through a dynamic, risk-based online questionnaire
  • site level compliance and visibility with over 1000 eLearning training courses for contractors
  • ongoing performance management, feedback, and evaluation.

Welcome to control of contractor hiring, management and compliance as it’s meant to be – simple, automated, transparent. And in your hands.

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