Blog • 13.12.23

Exploring the Narrative: The Evolution of SafeContactor and the Importance of a Human-Centric Approach to Safety

Matthew Trueman
Head of Continuous Improvement

About the interviewee

Join Matthew Trueman, Head of Continuous Improvements at Alcumus SafeContractor, on a journey that explores the key aspects of his role in shaping an exceptional customer experience.

Discover how a people-centric approach defines the company’s mission and contributes to a high level of customer satisfaction. Matthew’s focus on nurturing the team’s growth and fostering future leaders highlights the human touch that sets SafeContractor apart.

Learn about the operational responsibilities and long-term strategies involved in delivering outstanding service and exceptional value. Matthew shares insights into the human approach that drives success, from a high retention rate to the introduction of a dedicated single point of contact (SPOC) team.

Uncover success stories and positive feedback from customers that showcase the impact of SafeContractor’s unique and personalized customer service.

Join us in reading the full blog to understand how Matthew and his team are continuously improving and reshaping the landscape of contractor management for a safer and better working world.

1. Tell us about the key aspects of your role at Alcumus SafeContractor: what do you and your team get up to?

As the Head of Continuous Improvements at Alcumus SafeContractor Canada, my main role is to make sure our internal teams and external partners work closely together to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

I take a personal interest in my team: I understand that by prioritizing their needs and equipping them with the necessary tools for success, we can deliver exceptional customer service. I firmly believe in a human-centric approach and that happy employees are the key to happy customers.

With a team of over 100 employees (and growing), a significant amount of my time is dedicated to coaching and supporting their growth so that they can provide the best possible experience for our customers.

I find great fulfillment in nurturing future leaders. It brings me immense satisfaction to see these individuals start their careers in customer service positions and eventually master the entire customer journey from start to finish. I strongly believe that when you have the right people in the right roles, positive results naturally follow.

Lastly, as part of my operational responsibilities, I am involved in developing long-term strategies for Alcumus SafeContractor. This includes making sure our customer contact centers provide outstanding service at all times. I also identify the best solutions for our customers so that we always deliver exceptional value.

2. How does your focus on being a people-lead business manifest in your team’s actions?

Putting people first defines everything we do, including how we develop our platform. We believe that having employees who are passionate about what they do is crucial to our mission of keeping everyone safe. We recognize that many companies are increasingly relying on automation and AI for customer service inquiries. We take a different approach.

We understand the importance of talking to people. Our team is trained and passionate about walking contractors through the qualification process. And they genuinely find joy in having a positive impact on the contractor’s experience. This is one of the many reasons why our retention rate is high, and why our clients and contractors choose SafeContractor as their preferred contractor management solution.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of customer interaction and providing dedicated service agents who will guide our clients and contractors through the entire process. This human-centric, personalized touch sets us apart and helps us to have a positive impact on our customers. We know that our contractors are often busy and located in remote areas, which is why our team is specifically trained to assist them and make their qualification process as easy as possible.

We offer a bilingual, 24-hour, 5-days-a-week customer service line, with extended hours at weekends. This is available to our clients and contractors, so that when they call, a real person will pick up and answer any queries they might have.

We want our customers to be happy with the responses we give to their questions, and be confident that we’re always available to walk them through each step of the process. Our goal for every customer is to solve their issues the first time they contact us.

We take pride in our high retention rate and the fact that both our clients and contractors choose SafeContractor as their preferred contractor management solution. Our commitment to customer service is hopefully clear from our customer service line, where a real person is on hand to offer support as and when it’s needed.

We also recently introduced a dedicated single point of contact (SPOC) team. They’re solely focused on addressing our hiring clients’ needs and providing updates on their contractors’ approval process. Our goal is to speed up the approval process and encourage communication, ultimately ensuring that approved contractors can start working for our clients as soon as possible.

By prioritizing human connections and expertise, we aim to create a warm, professional experience for both our clients and contractors.

3. Can you share any success stories or feedback from customers that relate to SafeContractor’s human approach?

I am constantly hearing positive feedback about our outstanding level of service and our commitment to providing a human touch. Clients and contractors are not only satisfied with our service, they’re also impressed by the fact that they can easily reach out and speak to a real person instead of being greeted by a machine.

To gauge customer satisfaction, we regularly conduct quarterly NPS surveys, as the metric is important to our organization’s overall success, as well as to my personal role. I am happy to share that our NPS scores have been meeting our expectations and continuously improving.

I also recently had the pleasure of speaking with Vincent Saldanha, the Director of HSEQ at K-Line Maintenance & Construction Ltd. He had some incredibly positive things to say about us:

“There is a lot of opportunity when using the technological advancements currently available, as you will be getting a better return on investment. You can manage data and trends information better to make the environment you work in safe for you and your team members. Overall, we are in a much better position when we manage health and safety. Alcumus is at the heart of our operations.”

4. How does Alcumus SafeContractor support customers through the entire process, from implementation and onboarding to going live? What does this look like for hiring clients and contractors?

We are a human-centric company that provides support and feedback throughout the entire customer journey, from the moment they sign the contract to long after going live. Our account managers enjoy lasting relationships with clients, and genuinely care about finding new ways to improve their experience with us. Our contractor support team is here to answer questions and concerns around the clock, helping our customers’ businesses to thrive.

About the interviewee

Matthew Trueman, our Head of Continuous Improvements at Alcumus, has dedicated nearly 6 years to enhancing our operations with a warm focus on customer service. Matthew’s creativity, innovation, and hands-on approach drive him to find practical solutions, ensuring seamless experiences for our valued customers.

Matthew’s commitment to continuous improvement and his proactive nature contribute to the heart of SafeContractor Canada—our customer-centric culture.