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SafeContractor Membership vs. SafeContractor Accreditation

As a member of our health and safety accreditation scheme, you can enjoy a wealth of benefits. However, gaining SafeContractor…

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Written by: SafeContractor
1st May

As a member of our health and safety accreditation scheme, you can enjoy a wealth of benefits. However, gaining SafeContractor accreditation is what promotes your business to hundreds of organisations. Here you can find out more.

Your SafeContractor Membership

Becoming a member of the SafeContractor scheme is the first step towards becoming a safer, healthier, and stronger business. As a SafeContractor member, you will have access to a wide range of benefits that will add value to your business and save you money. These include:

  1. Business insurance
  2. Trade discounts
  3. Discounted training
  4. Free health and safety advice
  5. Free HR advice
  6. Free legal advice
  7. Refer a friend scheme

While it is all very well having SafeContractor membership, it is the accreditation status that counts. Through gaining accreditation, you can demonstrate to customers that you are legally compliant; the membership on its own does not prove you are a safe contractor.

The importance of gaining your SafeContractor Accreditation

SafeContractor accreditation helps you stand out from the crowd as you can demonstrate to organisations that you are a good business to work with. Becoming accredited enables you to:

  • Prove that your paperwork and processes are up to date and comply with legislation
  • Obtain the SafeContractor badge and demonstrate your commitment to health and safety
  • Showcase your capability in our online client portal and win more job opportunities

How to become Accredited

To become an accredited SafeContractor, you must pass a detailed desktop audit. This process starts with a comprehensive questionnaire in our accreditation portal, which automatically adapts to the size of your business and your areas of work. After you have submitted your questionnaire, an auditor will review your risk management processes and decide whether they are adequate for your work activities. Once you pass, you become an accredited SafeContractor. If you have difficulty meeting the required standards, our experts will work with you to ensure your paperwork and documentation is complete. You will then receive an accreditation certificate in the post and can request a ‘SafeContractor Approved’ badge to display on your work vehicles.

When to renew your SafeContractor Membership and Accreditation

The renewal dates for membership and accreditation may be different, depending on the date you registered for your membership and the date you gained accreditation. Your membership and your accreditation status both need to be renewed separately, a year after registration and accreditation took place. If, for example, you become accredited a few months after joining, you will need to renew your accreditation a year after your accreditation date. However, we will remind you at least 60 days before your membership is due for renewal, and well in advance of your annual accreditation audit. The annual audit ensures your risk management processes are of the highest standard, which, ultimately, gives our clients peace of mind.

Join SafeContractor’s award-winning accreditation scheme

SafeContractor member and accreditation go hand in hand; you need one to benefit from the other. Become a SafeContractor member and we will help you stay ahead of the competition and, in turn, win more work through contractor accreditation. Call 0372 291 2972 for further information or register for SafeContractor today.