Blog • 08.03.24

Celebrating Women Leading with Purpose and Resilience on IWD

Gemma Archibald: Leading with Purpose and Resilience

Gemma’s career path is a testament to resilience and growth, from sales and account management to her current role as CEO of the Alcumus SafeContractor division. “It’s been an interesting journey,” Gemma shares. “But constant learning and improvement have been crucial.”

Balancing work and family life, Gemma finds fulfilment in problem-solving and talent nurturing. She stresses the importance of finding the right organisation for you, one that encourages and supports you. Gemma admits, ‘I have been lucky to find such organisations.’

Discussing inclusivity in the construction industry, Gemma reflects, saying, “I would say, like all industries, there are changes with increased focus on inclusivity, and construction has started to change. Just last year, we were ecstatic to have won a ‘Women in Construction’ award for the most Inclusive Company.”  Nominations for the 2024 Women in Construction Awards, on the 26th September, are now open. Gemma emphasizes the need for continued efforts. “Change is slow,” she asserts, urging organizations to celebrate women’s contributions.

Gemma’s advice to the next generation mirrors her journey: “Work hard, keep learning, and embrace growth opportunities. Be kind to yourselves and learn from mistakes.”

Rachel Mudd: Navigating the Marketing Maze

Rachel has been immersed in the world of marketing for two decades, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a profound interest in consumer behaviour. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “I’ve spent 20 years in marketing, starting from a PR executive role and gradually transitioning into strategic marketing. I thrive on understanding the psychology behind sales and marketing and building strong customer relationships.”

Despite the challenges, Rachel finds her current role exhilarating. “It’s challenging, but exciting! I enjoy the market’s diversity and collaborating with a supportive team,” she says, emphasising the power of inclusivity in driving innovation.

Regarding the construction industry’s inclusivity journey, Rachel acknowledges progress but emphasises the need for ongoing efforts. “There’s been change, but there’s still work to do on unconscious biases and stereotypes,” she notes.

Rachel’s advice to the next generation is simple yet profound: “Never hesitate to seek help. Acknowledge others’ strengths and learn from them.”

Helena Blundell: Pioneering Diversity in Trade

Helena’s career reflects resilience and commitment to fostering inclusivity in construction. From customer service roles to national account management, she brings a unique perspective and dedication to her work.

“I’ve seen a shift, but the industry is still male-dominated,” Helena observes. She calls for collaborative efforts to challenge stereotypes and promote diversity.

Helena’s advice to the next generation emphasises boldness and open-mindedness. “Be confident in your ideas, and welcome diverse perspectives,” she urges.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s draw inspiration from Rachel, Gemma, Helena, and countless other trailblazing women paving the way for an inclusive future. Happy International Women’s Day!