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Equip your team for their next project with our online health and safety and HR induction courses. Our training platform, eLearning, lets you manage employees’ training more efficiently while meeting hiring clients’ requirements.

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eLearning provides an effortless way of preparing your team for their next project. You can easily assign training to team members so they’re crystal clear on what needs to be done.

With eLearning, there’s no more juggling schedules to find the ideal time and place for training. Team members will benefit from round-the-clock access, and they can complete training on any device with internet. Train your team anytime, anywhere, saving you both money and headaches.

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Developed by our training experts, our eLearning platform is the ideal tool for undertaking health and safety and HR training.

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eLearning is a hassle-free way to stay ahead of your competition and ensure your team arrives on-site ready to go.

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Our training catalogue enables you to be proactive and prepare your team early on, so you’re ready to support your clients.

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Asbestos Awareness

As an important introduction to asbestos, this course equips you with knowledge about the different types of asbestos and their health-related risks. You will learn where you should be alert to the presence of asbestos in your work environments.

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Fall Prevention Complete Series

Falls are among the leading causes of workplace deaths. This course highlights the wide range of potential fall risks you need to be aware of to keep yourself and employees safe, including level falls, holes, mezzanines, scaffolding, platforms, ladders, stepladders, roofs, towers and skyscrapers. Learn about the main situations that expose workers to the risk of falls, including the essential principles and techniques of fall protection, to help you recognize and prevent potential hazards associated with working at heights.

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Health & Safety

An online training course designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to work safely and keep others safe. Interactive learning modules and practical exercises make it easy to build a comprehensive understanding of workplace safety and learn how to identify and mitigate potential hazards. This course is important for anyone who works in a hazardous environment or wants to enhance their knowledge of workplace safety practices.

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Load Handling: Principles and Basics

This is essential e-learning training for everyone who makes physical efforts and handles loads. Offered in partnership with Entrac, this training applies to all work environments. Based on an understanding of ergonomic principles, Pthe training is the foundation of a material handling accident prevention program. Practical, concrete and fully transferable to your operations.

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