Planet Mark

What is Planet Mark?

For over a decade, we have supported organisations to radically reduce carbon emissions, create operational efficiencies, enhance profits and work towards the global transition to net zero.  

Our sustainability services help take businesses beyond compliance to support their decarbonisation journeys on the pathway to net zero. 

 To do that, we begin by measuring what matters, providing the insight needed to make informed decisions about when and how your organisation will make the transition to a net zero model.   

 Alongside this, we educate and inspire your people acting as a catalyst for behaviour change that not only immediately reduces carbon emissions but drives cost savings through lowering consumption.    

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Planet Mark

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Communicating your Planet Mark Certified Business status further supports customer preference for your brand and provides tangible and impartial verification that your organisation is making progress in relentlessly reducing carbon and is committed to do more good. 

 Our growing community of certified businesses benefit from enhanced brand association and sustainability perceptions driving new business opportunities and customer loyalty. 

Planet Mark will help:

  • Increase your bottom line with our support rooting out operational inefficiencies. 
  • Planet Mark sits at the forefront of legalisation to help you future-proof your business. 
  • Gain independent assurance for your carbon footprint to have credible figures to communicate. 
  • Embed a culture of sustainability through CPD-accredited workshops and training aligned with your company goals. 
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