Why Join SafeSupplier?

Enhance your credibility

Demonstrate you meet stakeholders’ ethical demands with credentials that reflect your integrity. SafeSupplier is well-respected among hiring clients, and partnering with us passes some of our great reputation on to you.

Stand out from the crowd

Many suppliers simply comply with regulations. With SafeSupplier, you’ll be able to go a step further, proving you share your customers’ values and prioritise people and the planet. On top of this, verification shows you’re a safe and reliable partner with a high-quality offering.

Access new markets

Many businesses, such as those in regulated industries, require suppliers to be members of a verification scheme. Joining SafeSupplier opens doors to exclusive opportunities, and there are already more than 400 hiring companies using our platform.

Improve your processes

We help you discover more ethical and sustainable ways of working. By following our guidance, you can save time and resources and deliver an even better service to your customers. You’ll also avoid the need for extra scrutiny from customers with the highest standards.

Get expert support

Our experts have first hand experience in the industry, meaning they understand your challenges and can guide you through the process. You’ll find our friendly team is always available to answer your questions and provide resources that make verification simple.

Mitigate risks

Manage your biggest risks by ensuring you comply with regulations and standards as they change. Verification reveals potential issues before they become problems, reducing the risk of legal action and damage to your brand.

SafeSupplier Assessment

Why is Supplier Verification Important? 

Your stakeholders value social responsibility more than ever before. Customers, investors, employees and local communities all expect you to make ethical decisions, whether it’s operating sustainably or looking after your neighbours. 

What’s more, official bodies around the world are tightening regulations and imposing penalties on those who don’t comply with environmental and social standards. SafeSupplier verification establishes trust by showing you take issues like modern slavery, sustainability and GDPR seriously. 

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SafeSupplier Assessment

Key Topics

Demonstrate your commitment to quality practices and processes.

SafeSupplier appraises the following key topics:

  • Business and Professional Standing
  • Environmental Management
  • Financial Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality Management
  • People
  • Risk Management
  • Carbon emissions
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  • Benefits

Member Benefits

To help with the everyday running of your business.
TradePoint Card

Save 10% with no minimum spend.

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SafeWorkforce Consultant Support

Save up to 20%.

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UKAS Accredited ISO Certification

Save up to 20% on the day rate for audit fees.

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