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Contractor Accreditation

New Customers

Can anyone join SafeContractor?
Do I need to have a written health and safety policy?
How many contractors are in the scheme?
How many contractors fail accreditation?
How long does it take to become accredited?
Why should I join the scheme?
How will my clients know that I’m a member?
Can I contact a SafeContractor client directly?
What happens to my personal data?
What types of personal data does SafeContractor hold?
What are the platforms?
Will you transfer my personal data outside of the UK?
Why do you need to process my personal data?
What will you do with my data?
Contractor Accreditation

Existing Customers

When will we receive our SafeContractor accreditation certificate?
How will our clients know we’ve passed our accreditation?
Who should we contact if we need help getting accredited?
When does our SafeContractor accreditation expire?
Does our subscription auto-renew?
Will you remind me I need to renew my membership?
Can I get accredited for the work my sub-contractor does?
Contractor Accreditation

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