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4 Vital Insights from HSE Stats Release for Small Businesses in 2024: Mitigate Risks and Ensure Safety.

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Why are the HSE stats important for small businesses.

The annual release of the health and safety statistics are a stark reminder that a positive health and safety culture should be at the top of all business objectives for 2024. The report highlights that workplace ill health and mental health remain alarmingly high, whilst the annual cost for individuals and employers increased. The HSE have already stated that for next year they will continue to increase enforcement measures – making now the time to prioritise your workplace safety.

What are the highlights from this year’s release, why do these matter to my business?

Work-related illnesses remain alarmingly high

What are the stats for 2022/23

  • 1.8 million work-related ill health cases; 49% are cases of stress, anxiety or depression and 27% are cases of musculoskeletal disorders.

What we recommend

  • SafeWorkforce recommends regularly reviewing your risk assessments to make sure the information is still relevant and assess whether any new risk assessments need to be implemented.

SafeWorkforce support

  • If you’re unsure of the risks within your business, the team of experts at SafeWorkforce can complete a gap analysis of all your documentation to ensure your business is safe and compliant.

Tackling short-term injuries at work

What are the stats for 2022/23

  • 561,000 workers sustained workplace non-fatal injuries. This, coupled with an additional £400m (based on 2022 figures) in employer costs, means that short-term injuries can impact business finances and resources.

What we recommend

  • Keep your employees engaged about workplace safety by conducting toolbox talks that are relevant to your business.

SafeWorkforce support

  • Our SafeWorkforce health and safety consultants provide the necessary Toolbox talks for your business, with over 70 available as part of your SafeWorkforce subscription.

Reducing work-related absences

What are the stats for 2022/23

  • 31.5 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health, which is an increase of 700,000 compared to previous years.

What we recommend

  • Our HR experts recommend that you agree a return-to-work plan with the employee and stay in regular communication throughout their absence. This will increase the likelihood of a successful return to work and help prevent long-term absence.

SafeWorkforce support

  • Our SafeWorkforce HR consultants are available to work collaboratively with your business to create an absence & flexible working policy and guide you through a compliant return to work procedure.

Managing workplace stress

What are the stats for 2022/23

  • 875,000 workers suffered from work related stress, depression or anxiety, which caused 17.1 million working days lost.

HSE comments

  • HSE’s chief executive Sarah Albon said: “Preventing or tackling work-related stress can provide significant benefits to employees, improving their experience of work and their overall health; and also to employers including increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and reduced staff turnover.”

What we recommend

  • Create an open forum for employees via employee surveys or 1-2-1 meetings to discuss workload and company culture will help your business identify risks. When completed, we would recommend conducting a stress risk assessment to help your business mitigate risk and become proactive rather than reactive.

SafeWorkforce support

  • Our team of HR and health and safety experts are on hand to help create mental health policies, risk assessments, templates as well as advice on how to help manage your workers mental health effectively.

(Source for stats: Health and Safety Executive: Health and safety at work. Summary statistics for Great Britain 2023)


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