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News • 05.07.24

Adapting to business changes under the new Labour government 

With a new government in place, change can feel overwhelming at times. At Alcumus SafeContractor, we’re committed to helping you navigate these transitions and understand how the Labour Party’s policies may impact your business. 

The upcoming Labour Party government is expected to bring about significant changes that could greatly affect UK supply chains and health and safety regulations. These developments align closely with the core values of compliance and risk management, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses across the country. 

Labour Government  

Impact on Supply Chains 

  • Increased Regulation and Compliance: Labour’s manifesto promises stricter rules to ensure ethical practices in supply chains. This means companies must trace and report on their supply chains to prevent human rights abuses and environmental harm. 
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Labour plans to promote greener logistics by investing in sustainable infrastructure and encouraging the adoption of low-carbon technologies in supply chains.  
  • Support for Local Manufacturing: Labour aims to boost domestic manufacturing, potentially shortening supply chains and reducing dependence on international suppliers. This shift will necessitate implementing new compliance checks and safety protocols for local production facilities. 

Impact on Health and Safety 

  • Stricter Health and Safety Regulations: The Labour Party aims to strengthen health and safety laws, enhancing protection for workers. This includes increased funding for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and stricter enforcement of existing regulations.  
  • Improved Worker Rights: Labour plans to enhance worker rights by ensuring better working conditions, increasing minimum wages, and bolstering union representation. and services to implement workplace policies that align with new legal requirements. 
  • Focus on Mental Health and Well-being: Labour intends to promote worker mental well-being through new initiatives.  

Labour’s Manifesto Elements 

  • Economic Growth: Labour aims to stimulate economic growth through infrastructure investment and partnerships with businesses. 
  • Clean Energy: Plans to position Britain as a clean energy leader by investing in renewables and reducing carbon emissions. 
  • National Security: Strengthening national security and border controls to foster a stable business environment. 

Let’s examine the main issues the Conservatives might emphasise as the primary opposition to Labour and how these issues could impact supply chain compliance and health and safety practices in the UK.  

Conversative Government  

Impact on Supply Chains 

  • The Conservative manifesto focuses on reducing bureaucracy and promoting free trade agreements. This could simplify import/export processes, potentially benefiting businesses by reducing delays and costs. However, the push for deregulation may pose risks for compliance with international standards and environmental sustainability. 

Impact on Health and Safety 

  • While the Conservative manifesto doesn’t propose new health and safety reforms, it stresses the importance of upholding current standards. Recent high-profile prosecutions by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) highlight the need for rigorous health and safety protocols to avoid significant fines. 

Action Points  

To effectively navigate these anticipated changes, companies can take proactive steps across supply chain management and health and safety practices: 

Supply Chains

  1. Enhance Compliance Practices: Implement robust due diligence processes to trace and report on supply chains, ensuring adherence to stricter regulations on ethical practices.
  2. Embrace Sustainability Initiatives: Invest in sustainable infrastructure and adopt low-carbon technologies to achieve green certifications and comply with upcoming environmental regulations.
  3. Adapt to Local Manufacturing Support: Prepare for shorter supply chains and heightened local production by establishing new compliance checks and safety protocols with support from Alcumus SafeContractor.

Health and Safety

  1. Conduct Comprehensive Audits: Prepare for stricter enforcement of health and safety laws by conducting thorough audits and securing necessary certifications.
  2. Implement Enhanced Workplace Policies: Align workplace conditions, minimum wages, and union representation with Labour’s agenda using tools and services from SafeContractor to meet new legal requirements and bolster worker well-being.
  3. Support Mental Health Initiatives: Introduce initiatives promoting employee mental well-being, reflecting Labour’s commitment to fostering healthier work environments. SafeContractor can assist in expanding these programs effectively.


In conclusion, navigating the changes brought about by the new Labour government can be challenging, but at Alcumus SafeContractor, we are committed to helping large businesses and organisations adapt and thrive. Labour’s manifesto emphasises ethical supply chain practices, sustainability initiatives, and enhanced worker rights, presenting both challenges and opportunities for your business. By implementing robust compliance practices, embracing sustainability, and supporting local manufacturing, your organisation can align with these new regulations. Additionally, stricter health and safety laws and improved worker rights will require your business to adopt enhanced workplace policies and focus on mental well-being. SafeContractor provides comprehensive solutions to help you manage regulatory risks, ensure workplace safety, and maintain ethical and sustainable operations. 

Labour’s emphasis on ethical practices, sustainability, and worker protections underscores the need for your business to prioritise regulatory compliance. With SafeContractor’s support, you can confidently navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, fostering a secure and productive work environment. By using thorough assessments and safety systems, your organisation can adapt to Labour’s evolving regulations, mitigating legal and financial risks while promoting a culture of safety and sustainability. 

Our dynamic risk-based assessment is designed to mitigate risks and prioritise safety. We ensure compliance with industry best practices and continuously monitor health and safety credentials while assessing operational, ethical, and financial risks. We’ve got you covered.  

We’re here to support you in upholding the professional standards of your organisation by offering transparency and visibility throughout your supply chain. Our evaluation process is scaled to fit the size and complexity of each contractor’s business, ensuring it’s both fair and manageable. Despite this tailored approach, we maintain rigorous standards to ensure all contractors are compliant and competent to undertake work. 

SafeContractor is here to guide you through these transitions, ensuring your operations remain compliant, ethical, and forward-thinking. 


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