Blog • 20.07.21

How will being SSIP accredited help my business?

Learn more about our accreditation process

SSIP accreditation is what’s gained when a company completes a SSIP member scheme’s health and safety assessment.

Based on an audit, this assessment verifies whether you have the policies, procedures, and documents to work safely.

SSIP accreditation helps your business by:

  • Verifying you’re safe to work with.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Allowing you to continue working with a client.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to health and safety.
  • Helping you complete tenders more easily.

1. Verify you’re safe to work with

Nationally recognised for verifying a company operates safely, a SSIP audit will verify your business has the necessary health and safety documents in place.

The SSIP core criteria are approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to make sure accredited contractors comply with basic health and safety legislation.

Within the core criteria, a SSIP audit looks at what documents, policies, and procedures you have in place to work safely in your work category.

Once your auditor is happy with the documents you’ve provided, you’ll become accredited and can say your health and safety procedures have been thoroughly audited and verified.

2. Save time and money

Set up to help companies requiring accreditation from multiple member schemes, SSIP provides common assessment questions across its members.

So contractors don’t need to complete that part of the questionnaire with more than one member scheme.

Many member schemes will ask additional questions to make sure you meet their specific criteria.

Find out more about the accreditation process.

3. Continue working with a client

Your clients may ask you to gain SSIP accreditation to continue to work with them.

They do this to make sure all their suppliers are verified for the same level of health and safety.

This helps them reduce the risk in their supply chain and gives them peace of mind.

Some clients will specify a member scheme they want you to take up, whereas others may ask you to gain a SSIP accreditation of your choice.

When choosing a SSIP scheme, it’s important to make sure the service you’re going to receive is right for you.

At SafeContractor we have plans to meet every business’ needs.

Whether that’s extra support to make sure you have everything in place, or to speed up the application.

4. Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety – and get a certificate to show it

Once you pass an audit with a SSIP member scheme and become accredited, you will receive a certificate and/or approved badge.

This will clearly demonstrate your commitment to health and safety, showing your clients, and potential clients you’re safe to work with.

You can use your approved badge and certificate to promote your business – on your website, in email footers, on vans, or in your premises. Show off and be proud of your achievement.

5. Complete tenders more easily

Completing a tender can be a lengthy task.

With SSIP accreditation, you can simply show your certificate to prove you’ve got the right health and safety credentials for the job.

SafeContractor takes this one step further by verifying you to PAS 91.

This means you’re also audited against your financial, ethical, and environmental procedures.

You can use this in tenders to show your clients you’re not a risk to their supply chain, beyond health and safety elements.