Blog • 02.03.20

How SafePQQ can help organisations to meet their procurement and business sustainability needs

For over 20 years, our UK-leading contractor management system has ensured that a client’s supply chains are compliant with health and safety legislation and best practice. However, organisations are increasingly concerned with other risk factors and want to manage their risk against other key topics such as Modern Slavery, Equality, Finance and GDPR.

Why is it important for organisations pre-qualify their supply chain against these risk factors?

Organisations need to ensure that their supply chain is compliant with legislation.
e.g. Modern Slavery Act 2015, Bribery Act 2010.

Organisations need to verify that their supply chain adheres to ISO standards.
ISO9001 – Quality Management and ISO14001 -Environmental management have clauses that require companies to control externally provided services or products.

Organisations need to manage their risk of reputational damage from non-compliance.
Several large organisations made headlines in 2019 for forced labour allegations.

Our solution

The collation of information of a multitude of topics can be difficult; requiring significant time, effort and cost to procure. Furthermore, managing this information across multiple systems with no ability to easily access the information in real-time can pose challenges to organisations wishing to effectively pre-qualify their supply chain.

If you’re currently relying on in-house pre-qualification processes to approve your supply chain, then SafePQQ can save you time and money. SafePQQ is an extension of the SafeContractor health & safety audit that further increases your supply chain transparency.

SafePQQ collects information and verifies your supply chain against key business sustainability topics, including Finance, Environment, Quality Management, Equality, Modern Slavery, Anti-bribery, GDPR, Right to Work, Building Information Modelling, and References.

SafePQQ has been built to include the common question sets within PAS91, and can help you to standardise your approach of collating and verifying supplier compliance information. Your verified suppliers will be displayed as Gold, Silver or Bronze standard alongside their Health and Safety accredited status within your existing SafeContractor client portal.

The benefits of SafePQQ

It saves you time, effort and money – with SafePQQ we take the hassle away from creating, managing and collating your own PQQ. We do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on your core business.

It gives you greater transparency, enabling you to use up to date information to make informed decisions on your supply chain.

It creates the opportunity of working with contractors who share similar values: people who want to grow their businesses by working together without compromising safety, sustainability, or ethics.