SafeContractor Plus

Today, a contractor's ethical and sustainable practices are under scrutiny more than ever before, as major clients look for reassurance that their brand integrity is not at risk by subcontracting.

SafeContractor members can now demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices by adding a SafeContractorplus questionnaire to their initial assessment.

What is SafeContractorplus?

SafeContractorplus is a set of additional questionnaires that allow contractors to show their compliance in three key areas:

  • Equality and Diversity,

  • Environment, and

  • Quality (legislation and standards).

As a contractor, how do I benefit with SafeContractorplus?

Once you have purchased SafeContractorplus, the relevant questionnaire icon/icons will appear against your company name, showing  SafeContractor clients you uphold good practice for that standard.  

Our clients can also search for SafeContractor members who have SafeContractorplus in the client portal, giving you a competitive advantage over contractors who have chosen not to disclose their sustainable, ethical and quality practices.

How does it work?

Once purchased, the questionnaires will then appear in your account in the accreditation portal waiting for you to fill them in.

As the questionnaires are all self-certify, your answers are not assessed by an auditor, but the information may be viewed by SafeContractor clients, who could get in touch for more information.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers but some information may need to be uploaded into the portal to support your answers.

Safecontractor Portal

What if I already have a standard in sustainable/quality/ethical practices?

Those members who already have existing environmental and quality standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 will only be required to answer a few simple questions.

How much does SafeContractorplus cost?

Each questionnaire is priced at £30+VAT, and can be purchased online through our Accreditation Portal or by calling one of our Registration Advisors on 02920 266 242.

The questionnaires renew on an annual basis from the date of purchase. We will send you a reminder when your renewal is due.

Existing members please note, if you purchase a SafeContractorplus questionnaire at a different time to your health and safety questionnaire, the renewal dates will be different.

How do I add SafeContractorplus questionnaires to my membership?

When buying the SafeContractor Health and Safety membership for the first time, you simply add the appropriate SafeContractorplus questionnaires at the online checkout stage.

For existing SafeContractor members, log into the accreditation portal and choose from the SafeContractorplus questionnaires in the 'available upgrades' section.

How can I find out more or purchase SafeContractorplus?

Click here to email one of our registration advisors or call us 02920 266 242.