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Nobody goes to work to get injured. However, figures show that 693,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury in 2019/20, 111 fatally. While prioritizing the health, safety and wellbeing of workers is a legal obligation for any organisation, it also makes good business sense, especially as the financial and indirect costs of getting it wrong continues to rise.

As a founding member of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), we’ve been supporting organisations and contractors for over 20 years and work with over 480 leading organisations and 33,000 contractors.

Why SafeContractor?

For clients like you:

  • SafeContractor uses a dynamic risk-based questionnaire to identify the exact categories for each type of work

  • Unlike other providers, SafeContractor goes a step beyond SSIP to articulate not only what work a contractor does, but how they do it. This way you can make informed decisions about work you wish you complete.

For your contractors:

  • We have the largest team of in-house auditors in the UK, which means all your contractors and suppliers get a named member of staff that they can go to for advice on how to get accredited.

  • As members, contractors get a significant package of benefits and support, to help them grow their business too.

Contractor Management System

  • Access a pool of 33,000+ approved contractors and suppliers, anywhere, anytime.

  • Minimise the risk of prosecution, fines and reputational damage with our expertly accredited contractors.

  • Save a significant amount of time and money by outsourcing pre-qualification.

  • Full audit trail of compliance.

  • Evaluate suppliers' post-project.

  • Run regular reports to ensure you are on track to meet your Environment, Social and Governance objectives.

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