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Managing your contractors’ health and safety obligations has never been more efficient or cost-effective with Alcumus SafeContractor.

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Supply Chain Risks

The consequences of disruption within the supply chain can have an immediate financial impact on your organisation, resulting in long-term damage. Common risks in the supply chain include:


  • Loss of revenue

  • Damage to reputation

  • Loss of productivity

  • Service fails to meet demand

  • Delayed cash flows

  • Legal proceedings

  • Expected increase in regulatory scrutiny

  • Customer dissatisfaction.

How SafeContractor Can Help

Let us take the burden of monitoring your contractors’ health and safety processes, so you can get on with what you do best. Our in-house technical team will work with your contractors to help them achieve accreditation.

We will work with you to benchmark your supply chain and improve its visibility. We do this by:


  • Managing and checking your contractors’ health and safety paperwork on an annual basis to ensure compliance

  • Offering you access to a portal which provides visibility of our 30,000 contractors

  • Providing you with an API link that integrates seamlessly into your systems, allowing our systems to communicate instantly.

How Will I Benefit From the SafeContractor Scheme? 

Our clients consistently tell us that the SafeContractor scheme benefits them by:


  • Reducing risk in their organisations, ensuring that contractors have suitable and sufficient health and safety processes

  • Cost-effectively managing their contractor lists, relieving them of the costly administrative burden internal to their organisation

  • Providing reports which flag up non-compliant contractors, enabling clients to identify contractors who are posing a risk to their business

  • Delivering dedicated client support to implement and facilitate the SafeContractor scheme

  • Offering a flexible service, tailor-made to meet their business requirements, including over 400 different contractor work activities

  • Meeting the legal health and safety requirements and providing the supporting evidence

  • Providing visibility of current contractors via the online client portal, which also recommends new, approved contractors.

Why Choose SafeContractor as Your Supply Management Partner?

As the leading health and safety assessment scheme in the UK, SafeContractor has over 370 major clients and nearly 30,000 contractor members.

We have a large team of dedicated technical experts who will pre-qualify your supply chain for you every year. This will save you valuable time and money, without compromising on service. 


  • Receive support throughout the health and safety assessment process

  • Mitigate potential risks from your supply chain

  • Feel confident that contractors are working in a consistently efficient manner

  • Save approximately 3 hours per contractor on pre-qualification assessments every year and make a saving of roughly £150 per contractor.*

Choose SafeContractor to take care of your supply management needs; your risk is our focus.

*This calculation is based on an organisation that has 150 contractors.

Weetabix Casestudy

Many large organisations use SafeContractor to reduce risk and to maintain their existing contractor and service provider base, whilst also providing a selection of new, pre-approved contractors.

Food retail giant, Weetabix, is just one organisation who chose SafeContractor to improve their contractor management.


How Does the Scheme Work?

At SafeContractor we maintain the contractor lists of our clients' to ensure every contractor has the correct qualifications and sufficient processes to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and customers whilst working on your business premises.

Aside from maintaining your existing contractor base, we also supply a list of new, pre-approved companies for new projects or contracts.

As a client, you can access your own list of approved contractors, both existing and new, online, at any time.

The Process

The process begins once we receive a list of your contractors and service providers who you require to be assessed by SafeContractor.

Next, your dedicated SafeContractor Business Development Manager will provide you with a quotation based on how many contractors are already members of our accreditation scheme, and how many will be required to join.

After the contractor data is checked, any new contractors to the scheme are contacted and invited to join.

Once the contractors have joined, they are audited for health and safety practices and, if successful, become SafeContractor accredited.

Contractors are audited on an annual basis to ensure that the required health and safety standards are consistently adhered to.

To ensure a smooth and seamless integration into a client's organisation, each client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who facilitates the implementation of the SafeContractor scheme.

The Account Manager, in conjunction with the full participation of the client, is key to the success of the SafeContractor scheme for the client. A successful implementation of the scheme may be a large portion of the existing contractors joining the SafeContractor scheme and becoming accredited. Or, if you choose to operate a zero mandate - all of your existing contractors join the scheme and become accredited.


The Account Manager:

  • Communicates with the client

  • Produces progress and statistical reports

  • Liaises with site/individual managers

  • Provides portal training

  • Provides other appropriate support as required

The extent and frequency of activity will be determined in an agreement between the client and Account Manager.

Services can be tailored to a client's individual requirements, to assist with their overall health and safety management of contractors. 

All database and website developments are catered for in-house by our own team of IT Development and Application Support specialists, all having excellent experience in developing and maintaining systems and applications.

The approach to the development of bespoke client specific systems involves close liaison with the client to agree the scope of the system/process. The IT development manager produces a detailed specification in conjunction with the operational manager to ensure the client scope is fully addressed. 

The specification and cost allows for all appropriate support, including testing by the developers, application support and finally the operational staff.

The password-protected portal allows clients' to view and manage their contractor lists efficiently and securely. 

The client portal's main features include:

  • Ability to view and search from clients' contractor lists

  • Ability to search for other accredited contractors, and add them to their client list

  • Ability to view a contractor’s full details, including their insurance status

  • Ability to create sub-lists for individual sites or projects

  • Provide central source of client/contractor documents e.g. site rules etc.

  • Provide feedback on specific contractors.

Future development of SafeContractor is based upon client requirements, as fed back via the Account Manager. 

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