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SafeSupplier verifies legal, moral and financial credentials to help clients assess compliance across their supply chain. Join a community of like-minded suppliers and enhance your business profile and demonstrate compliance. Sign up now to begin your personalised verification journey.

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Organisations need to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent legislation in health and safety, quality, ethical best practices and responsible growth to win tenders and work with leading clients.

We have the largest UK-based, in-house team on hand to provide support and guidance throughout your personalised verification journey.


Hiring clients, along with consumers and your employees, will expect your business to comply with:

  • GDPR

  • Modern Slavery Act 2015

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

  • To have quality and environmental management procedures in place.

  • Be making meaningful steps to meet the UK’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions by 78% by 2035.


Why SafeSupplier?

The benefits of achieving verification.

Make your bids more effective.

Create cost savings and efficiencies for your business by reducing the time and resource spent completing multiple PQQs for clients. Streamline the submission of your compliance information through one online form, once a year, to ensure that you are bid-ready when tendering for work.

Stand out against competition.

Clients are increasingly using EHSQ+ compliance factors when selecting suppliers to partner with. Articulating your business capabilities shows that your business stands up against compliance criteria larger businesses are adhering to and makes you more attractive to partner with.

Increase good practice in your industry.

Create a network of sustainable organisations and build relationships with the right clients. Demonstrate that your business is committed to adhering to key legislation to combat modern slavery, environmental, health and safety and sustainability challenges.

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Key Topics

Demonstrate your commitment to quality practices and processes.

SafeSupplier appraises the following key topics:

  • Business and Professional Standing

  • Environmental Management

  • Financial Management

  • Health and Safety

  • Quality Management

  • People

  • Risk Management


Our Online Portal

Demonstrate your capabilities to hiring clients in a time-saving, cost-effective way.

Suppliers complete their supplier profile.

Provide responses that help customise the assessment so it’s specific to their business, the work they do, and where they do it.

Fill out a customised questionnaire.

Generated based on your supplier profile.

Upload supporting documentation.

Based on legislative requirements, trade qualifications, insurances, and industry best practice standards to gain verification and demonstrate your capabilities.


Regulatory Demands

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ESHQ+ in Supply Chains

As part of an organisation’s supply chain, your business acts as an extension of their own business and people.

As such, client organisations will want to ensure that your business values match their own.

EHSQ+ metrics are now increasingly part of the core criteria clients decide upon before choosing to work with a supplier.

Poor safety and sustainability performance can impacting factors such as market share and brand perception for yours, and your clients’ businesses.

Clients want to work with firms that are profitable, responsible and resilient in the long term, and are using safety and ESG metrics as key indicators.


Risk Mitigation Experts

Our team of risk mitigation experts identify missing elements needed for verification and keep suppliers up to date of any industry changes.

They provide expert feedback, as well as links to expert guidance and templates to implement best practice procedures.

To ensure that your business meets the required standards, you submit your details on one online platform and complete an assessment once a year, promoting your business to hundreds of organisations.