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How to Alleviate the Challenge of Supply Chain Visibility

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Written by: SafeContractor
15th May

Here you can learn the challenge of supply chain visibility and how your business can alleviate it through smart software.

The modern supply chain is no longer a simple linear chain, but rather a complex network of tiers, riddled with challenges. Coupled with these complexities are supply chain risks, which are diverse and ever-changing. From the impact of Brexit, to suppliers going bust and a whole host of other threats, disaster can strike at any stage or level of the supply chain. The collapse of Carillion last year acted as a stark wakeup call to many business and procurement leaders to get their supply chain in order and obtain a clearer view of all supply chain activity and spend. Understanding the likelihood of supply chain risk, and having visibility of it, means that any potential issues can be identified and resolved before it causes serious disruption.

The challenge of visibility

Many businesses today have difficulty with maintaining control and visibility over their supply chains. The Deloitte Global CPO Study 2018 found just 6% of respondents had full transparency of their entire supply chain, while 65% had limited visibility or none. According to Statista, 21% of supply chain executives listed visibility as their biggest challenge more than any other factor.

How to alleviate the challenge of visibility

The answer to making the supply chain more visible is simple: smart software. That’s where we come in. We remove the challenges of obtaining and managing supply chain data. We do it from the procurement stage with SafePQQ, which supports companies in assessing potential supply chain risks. SafePQQ is an online product built to include the common question sets defined within PAS91. We collect and verify information, covering:

  1. Finance
  2. Environment
  3. Quality management
  4. Equality
  5. Modern slavery
  6. Anti-bribery
  7. GDPR
  8. Right to Work
  9. Building Information Modelling
  10. References

SafeContractor and SafePQQ help businesses gain a vital insight into their supply chain so they can effectively monitor, manage and make an informed decision about who they work with. Our software helps businesses manage supply chain risk by delivering up-to-date data and real-time vision of potential issues. It’ll also provides businesses with a way of connecting with contractors who are the best in the industry.

With Brexit looming, now is the time to get your supply chain in order. Call us today on 0330 127 1563 to see how we can help and join our community of businesses who want to work and grow together, without compromising safety, sustainability, or ethics.