Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Learn more about organisations, large or small, and the important role they have to play in equality and diversity issues…

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Written by: SafeContractor
16th March

Large or small, organsiations have an important role to play in equality and diversity issues within their own business and supply chains. Many businesses now require that all work with contractors can demonstrate that you have a policy of an equal standard to their own. This can be an opportunity both to respect people’s rights and the law, but also to engage them in positive, inspiring ways that bring out the best of their talents, experience and potential.

With more than 25% of the workers in the UK claiming to have been discriminated against at the workplace, workers are increasingly standing up against such behaviour by challenging their employers, businesses and entire organisations in court or at employment tribunals.

“Quite simply workplace discrimination should not be tolerated, and all employers should be doing all they can to promote and encourage equality in the workplace and within their supply chains.” Susan Barker, Senior HR Consultant at Alcumus PSM.

Why do these risks matter?

A disabled manager at a health food shop was constructively unfairly dismissed after the business failed to provide her with additional support, with the tribunal finding a failure to make reasonable adjustments.

£110,000 compensation was paid to a Burnley factory worker in a disability discrimination claim.

Department for Work and Pensions was ordered to pay out nearly £400,000 after a Cardiff woman won her claim for race and age discrimination.