Eliminate single points of failure in your supply chain to safeguard against business disruption

Eliminate single points of failure in your supply chain to safeguard against business disruption with the SafeContractor accreditation scheme.

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Written by: SafeContractor
23rd September

As the latest news confirms we are far from in-the-clear from COVID-19. Many supply chains are facing continued disruption. Most contractors and suppliers have been impacted.

Even low risk suppliers are becoming business critical due to common demands across the economy as businesses look to reactivate their sites e.g. cleaners, security, transport.

Sourcing new suppliers should be done in a robust fashion. An incident involving a non-compliant supplier could cause significant brand and reputational damage during a period where the economic stresses are likely to be severe enough. Recent enforcement action has seen significant negative publicity and fines.

Alcumus SafeContractor is a supply chain accreditation scheme with over 33,000 suppliers and contractors across the UK – more businesses than YELL.com.

We have been supporting companies such as NHS England, Atalian Servest, Virgin Media and Engie to access a wider and much deeper compliant supply chain that is:

  • Health and safety accredited
  • Insured
  • CSR verified

The SafeContractor accreditation scheme allows suppliers and contractors from all disciplines to demonstrate their capability, skills and experience.

The scheme is used by over 470 major UK clients to ensure their supply chain is robust and compliant.
In this time of need, Alcumus is offering free demonstrations of its client portal to use as a sourcing tool for alternative suppliers.

Whether you’re an office-based business needing PPE, or you need large plant to be tested and maintained, we are likely to have suppliers in your area that can help.

In doing this you can also maintain and improve social value (utilising local supply chains) and demonstrate social impact (positive economic impact locally) through the SafeContractor portal.

Our SafePQQ product will also support you to meet your obligations under the Modern Slavery Act, and to continue to meet your goals for quality, environment, finance and more.

This will allow you to eliminate single points of failure in your supply chain, to safeguard against business disruption and ensuring business continuity. Finding new suppliers and partners can support your growth plan as you diversify your business and seek out new opportunities.

Book a demonstration today, or you can read more information about managing your business and Supply Chain COVID-19 responsibilities.