SSIP accreditation for sole traders

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SSIP accreditation for sole traders

For Small Businesses

The pre-qualification process can be daunting. Particularly for solo business owners and smaller organisations that have never completed the process before.

You can rest assured: SafeContractor SSIP accreditation for sole traders is tailored for businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries. 

Organisations with less than five employees only need to provide the essential details: Our technical team will help you identify the key information required, relevant to the size and risk profile of your organisation. 

With support from over 50 technical experts in-house, we’ll support you through the questionnaire process: We’ll answer any questions you might have along the way, while supporting you with templates and guidance notes. 

What do Sole Traders need to know?

There are a range of packages to help you.

We have a range of packages to suit your need for speed and support. Check out our contractor plans here. 

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