Blog • 25.11.19

How SafeContractor members benefit from our exclusive TradePoint discount

Exclusive TradePoint Discount

In July 2019, we re-launched our TradePoint member benefit to give SafeContractor members improved discounts and benefits across TradePoint and B&Q.

The TradePoint Discount

SafeContractor members can now enjoy 10% discount on practically every product at B&Q and TradePoint. Plus, there’s no minimum spend! We undertook some research in partnership with TradePoint to understand how our SafeContractor members were using their exclusive discount…

How our Contractors Members use the TradePoint Discount

Our SafeContractor members really see the benefit of our exclusive trade discount and are on track to spend an estimated £5.1million at TradePoint in 2019. Since re-launching the discount in July 2019, over 796 new TradePoint cards have been ordered by our members, with over 5302 active members spending at TradePoint since the new discount was introduced.

What are our members using their discount to buy?

  1. 17970 lengths of CLS Timber have been bagged by our contractors, which combined would reach 52 times the height of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
  2. 5416 bags of Multi Finish Plaster have been bought by our members so far in 2019, enough to cover over 7.5 football fields.
  3. 220 pallets of Postcrete have been purchased by our contractors – the weight of 98 African Elephants!
    Our active members are using their TradePoint cards at least once each month, spending an average of £549 per transaction. Our new discount structure has saved these members over £10,619 in total since July 2019!

TradePoint membership through SafeContractor also get exclusive access to:

  1. Priority service.
  2. Free bulk delivery.
  3. Paint mixing.
  4. Special orders.
  5. Trade credit.
  6. Timber cutting in selected stores.
  7. Brick matching

Start Saving with TradePoint Today

Check out our member benefits to start saving in-store and online today with TradePoint. If you’re an existing TradePoint member and want to learn more about the TradePoint scheme, please email our Marketing team with any queries. We can also provide you with a bulk order spreadsheet to order as many cards as you like for your organisation and employees! Find out more about the scheme* and please ensure that you read the terms and conditions.

*Please note the Scheme: i) excludes delivery; gift cards; concessions; clearance; Amazon products; supplier quoted and selected made to measure products; and ii) cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or customer discount card.