Blog • 15.03.21

Future-Proofing Supply Chain Management Through Technology

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As we learnt at a recent Contractor Management webinar hosted by Alcumus, businesses are increasingly faced with challenges when managing contractors and making sure their supply chain is compliant with the latest legislation and best practice to minimise the impact of vulnerabilities and disruptions.

As supply chains become ever more complex and dispersed, contractor visibility is important to prevent accidents and injury that in most cases are entirely preventable. Furthermore, government agencies such as the HSE, SFO and ICO have increased their focus on eliminating bad practice, with businesses facing fines and even custodial time if they are found to have cut corners with legal, moral and financial issues.

For these reasons, risk management is becoming higher up on the agenda for most businesses to pre-qualify contractors and suppliers beyond health and safety to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

Rendall & Rittner have been working in partnership with Alcumus for the past seven years. As one of the largest property management companies operating across the UK, the company manages more than 80,000 individual units. Alcumus SafeContractor has supported the company by future-proofing their supply chain management through technology.

Vanessa Brandham, Head of Health and Safety at Rendall & Rittner:
“The reason we decided to partner with SafeContractor was due to the specific nature of their auditing. It didn’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, making it less of a tick box exercise for accreditation and it provided value to our supply chain.”

The streamlined process has helped Rendall & Rittner to:

  • Implement a zero-tolerance approach, meaning all contractors have to be Safecontractor accredited.
  • Build stronger relationships by supporting contractors requiring accreditation.
  • Demonstrate control of contractor compliance.
  • Work with more local companies that are accessible via the software platform.
  • Identify challenges with maintenance of contractor lists.
  • Enhance its offering and protection to clients and staff.
  • Reduce administration time on managing contractors.
  • Increase staff awareness from Alcumus experts attending their annual health and safety week events.

SafeContractor is one of the only health and safety accreditation solutions that goes beyond the core criteria to also ask contractors dynamic risk-based questions tailored to their business profile and types of work. For Rendall & Rittner, this provides confidence for all their business stakeholders, especially our property managers, that all of the contractors they work with have demonstrated their commitment to EHSQ standards.

Next Steps

For organisations that need to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent legislation, Alcumus SafeContractor, acts as a Supply Chain and EHSQ+ risk partner. We verify the compliance of your contractors and suppliers and make them available through an easy-to-use online portal.

This provides vital insight into your supply chain, enabling you to effectively monitor, manage, and make informed decisions about who you work with.


Watch our webinar on-demand to find out how Alcumus helped Rendall & Rittner with guest speaker Vanessa Brandham, Head of Health and Safety at Rendall & Rittner.

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