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Enhance Your Digital Presence to Generate New Leads for your Business

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Whether lockdown has significantly affected your workload or you’re continuing to work safely, there are several digital exercises you can undertake to help you improve your work-life later down the line.

Sorting your digital admin:

  • Get those invoices sent, chased and/or paid.
  • Update your work logs.
  • Check-in with your accountant.
  • Prepare for your annual SafeContractor review year-round by uploading up to date insurances, risk assessments and method statements to your contractor portal.
  • Add any new work experience to your portfolio.
  • Update your website and social media profiles and promote your business to clients.
  • Get yourself set up on a new trade platform like – the UK’s no.1 Trade network, to start building your profile and generating leads for your business.

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Your online presence matters! Your website is the hub of your company and brand, so make sure it’s up to date to stay professional, relevant, and in demand. Similarly, your social media is important for building a relationship with potential customers, so keeping them updated with the latest information, photos, news and insights is a great way to market yourself.

Updating these sites is a great use of time during this quieter period.

Top tips!

  • Check your profile text is still correct and reflects any recent changes. For example, has your work changed slightly? Do your work categories need updating? Have you got some more recent pictures to upload? Do you want to be covering a larger area and therefore need to increase your work radius?
  • Link your website and social medias together to make navigating between them easier for potential customers. It also increases your visibility online.
  • Connect with other trades. People are sharing best practise and potential work opportunities!
  • No matter how business savvy we are or how good we think we are at our jobs, there are always new things to learn. In a digital world, advancements in technology, business practice, innovation and marketing mean there’s always something to talk about. One way to stay ahead of the curve is to listen to podcasts. Channels such as The Tradesman Experience, Pivot and Change, Trench Talk, and Six-Figure Tradesman are worth a listen.
  • Skill building – learning a new skill is a great way to brush up on your knowledge, offer new business, and keep your mind busy. Whether you learn a new technique in your trade type, pick up a new one, or take a course on something entirely unrelated, keeping your mind busy is an excellent use of your time.

Despite lockdown, it’s best to be on top of things and be proactive; catch up on paperwork, work schedules, emails, and work alerts.


Staying ahead of the curve by signing up to a new trade platform to advertise yourself or by learning a new skill could be a great use of your time. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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