Why ESG compliance matters 

Reducing risk

By ensuring suppliers and contractors support your ESG strategy, you can avoid risks such as regulatory fines, supply chain disruptions, and damage to your reputation.

Enhancing your reputation

Stakeholders care about social value more than ever before. By making ethical decisions throughout your supply chain, you can attract everyone from consumers and investors to talented team members.

Boosting financial performance

Research shows that companies with strong ESG performance are more likely to grow sustainably.

Supply Chain Compliance

Your stakeholders demand ethical decisions

Customers: Today’s consumers now choose ethical companies that can prove they have a positive impact on people and the planet. 

Investors: Sustainability impacts market share and brand perception, meaning that ESG metrics are becoming part of the core investment criteria used by investors. 

Regulatory bodies: Authorities around the world are tightening regulations and imposing penalties on those who don’t invest in ESG and keep up with changing requirements. 

Employees and local communities: Those who live and work near your sites are increasingly aware of the impact you have on the local environment and residents. 

Supply Chain Compliance

How we help

SafeContractor ensures visibility and alignment of your supply chain with your ESG strategy. We gather detailed information, assess credentials, and regularly check in with supply chain partners for performance tracking and regulatory compliance.

Our online platform offers verified data, detailed reporting, and access to tools for informed decision-making. With support from our expert auditors and a network of over 39,000 accredited contractors and suppliers, SafeContractor has you covered.

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  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

Climate action, resource efficiency, and sustainable sourcing

What we ask supply chain partners to provide: 1) Carbon emission data to help you report on scope 3 emissions 2) Waste management reports and licenses 3) Environmental management certification such as ISO 14001

Diversity and inclusion, labour practices and human rights, and community engagement

What we ask supply chain partners to provide: 1) Equality, diversity and inclusion policies to demonstrate equal rights for all employees 2) A modern slavery and human trafficking policy

Corporate governance, ethical practices, risk management, and supply chain management

What we ask supply chain partners to provide: 1) Health and safety certification 2) Cyber security measures to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks 3) Anti-bribery and corruption policies that demonstrate they operate in a fair, transparent and legal way

Supply Chain Management

Introducing our Client Portal

Monitor and manage your supply chain with our leading cloud-based management system.

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Client Feedback

Better, More Sustainable Workplaces

What partnering with SafeContractor means to our clients.

“SafeContractor provides a measure of consistency when vetting our supply chain. We’re able to use the client portal to select new contractors to work with, saving us time.”

Arnold Clark
Contractor Roadshow

“Partnering with SafeContractor provides us with peace of mind that we are doing all that we can to manage risk across our sites.”

Avison Young
Commercial Property Management

“Alcumus is one of the leading suppliers of global contractor management safety solutions and is trusted by many of the leading brands in high-risk industries.”

Bill Pennington, EHS Research Director, Verdantix

“Partnering with SafeContractor provides greater control of competencies, increases knowledge and assists in raising standards for our business in an efficient and compliant manner.”

Briggs & Forrester, Building Services

“We partner with SafeContractor to offer reassurance that contractors who are accredited have been assessed by the UK’s leading health and safety compliance scheme.”

Compass Group UK, Food, Hospitality and Support Services Provider

“We have used SSIP providers before, but for us, SafeContractor is the gold standard. They provide our existing contractors the means to improve and grow their businesses too.”

Homyze, Construction and Fit-Out Firm