How Alcumus SafeContractor can help FM organisations

Health & safety compliance

Facilities management companies bear the responsibility for the health and safety of both internal employees and onsite contractors. They need to be fully aware of the health and safety risks in the properties and environments they manage, as well as the competence of the contractors employed to work there.

Supply chain compliance and visibility

Supply chain compliance and visibility are essential for meeting regulatory requirements, mitigating risks, upholding ethical standards, and improving efficiency within organisations, including facilities management businesses. Real-time monitoring of contractor compliance and the ability to identify potential risks are indispensable.

Climate change and social value initiatives

As global efforts to improve ESG intensify, facilities management organisations are taking substantial steps to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their impact on society. This includes ambitious goals of cutting emissions by 68% by 2030, and a requirement to source local contractors and suppliers while evidencing a responsible and ethical supply chain.

Our approach to FM contractor management

Our proportionate stance

At SafeContractor, we understand the unique challenges faced by contractors of all sizes, which is why we take a proportionate approach to our assessments. This means our evaluation process is scaled to fit the size and complexity of the contractor’s business, ensuring it’s both fair and manageable. Despite this proportionate approach, we maintain rigorous standards to ensure all contractors are compliant and competent to undertake work.

Competent and compliant

At Alcumus SafeContractor, we understand that ensuring the competence of your supply chain is paramount. Our accreditation is a standard certification meaning every SafeContractor accredited business, regardless of size, meets the same rigorous standards required to undertake their appointed task. This guarantees that your entire supply chain is compliant and competent.

Our people first approach

We take pride in delivering a compliant supply chain, with over 90% of suppliers successfully onboarded, we maintain a people-first approach with in-house Technical Support Officers, Auditors, and a growing account management team. This dedication to human expertise ensures a reliable and thorough accreditation process, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your supply chain.

Facilities Management

Our platform

The SafeContractor platform offers a more transparent and compliant supply chain. With the support of our in-house team of expert auditors, you can map, analyse and report on your on-site and off-site suppliers and contractors. This gives you the information you need to take control and mitigate the biggest risks to your business.

SafeContractor offers you:

  • Visibility: View your entire supply chain and make informed decisions about who you work with.
  • Auditing: Our experienced in-house audit team conducts comprehensive audits of your supply chain and helps identify any gaps in relation to health and safety, ESG, sustainability, quality, and more.
  • Compliance: Identify the suppliers and contractors who are compliant, as well as those who aren’t.
  • Efficiency: Save time and money by streamlining your supply chain data using our digital platform, allowing you to focus on other priorities.
  • Sourcing: Use our platform to identify safe, compliant, and ethical contractors and suppliers in your local area.
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Facilities Management

What’s the SafeContractor difference?


The questions on our platform are dynamic, adjusting to suit the activities of your suppliers.

All in one place

Add notes, documents, and supplier ratings to the platform, centralise your key supply chain information.

System integration

Easily integrate SafeContractor with your existing supply chain management system.

Seamless onboarding

We take supplier onboarding off your hands so you can get on with other critical tasks.


Our UKAS accreditation means we’re open to a higher level of external scrutiny.

Supplier support

We understand that getting your suppliers to the required standard is a journey, and we’ll offer them all the support and training they need to get there.


A dedicated Customer Success Manager will support and guide you all the way.

Facilities Management

Our customers say it best

At Alcumus SafeContractor, we help FM sector clients maintain a robust supply chain with a high level of health and safety competence with our state-of-the-art platform.

“SafeContractor provides a measure of consistency when vetting our supply chain. We’re able to use the client portal to select new contractors to work with, saving us time.”

Arnold Clark
Contractor Roadshow

“Our partnership with SafeContractor, as part of Alcumus gives us peace of mind with the process of contractor control.”

Lambert Smith Hampton, Property Management

“With SafeContractor we can quickly and easily source accredited contractors from their 33,000 members. We can protect our reputation and save time when vetting subcontractors.”

Paramount, Construction and Fit-Out Firm
Facilities Management

Hear from our experts

Partnering with SafeContractor streamlines operations, saves time and money, and lets you manage supply chain skills more easily. It also makes it simpler to report on your social and environmental performance, including carbon emissions management as we drive towards achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 . Let’s transform your supply chain together.

Anthony Hanley, SVP Supply Chain Compliance 


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† Based on an average employee working 1880 hours

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