Interviewing Amy Burton

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Written by: SafeContractor
1st August

Amy Burton, Technical Support Officer for Alcumus SafeContractor, has been selected to play hockey for Wales. We met up with Amy to congratulate her and find out more about her fantastic achievement.

What made you want to join Alcumus?

I joined Alcumus SafeContractor in May 2017. I came to SafeContractor as part of a graduate programme. The company seemed very impressive from the outset and I was excited by the opportunity to learn new skills and can develop in a completely new role.

What makes you happiest in your job?

100% the people I work with. It is such a great team environment here and the people I get to see day in day out really make coming to work a pleasure!

What makes someone successful at Alcumus?

I think there are several factors that would make someone successful at Alcumus, but top of that list would be establishing and maintaining good relationships with colleagues across all departments. Being able to go over to any area of the business and have someone on that team that you can talk to is so useful.

How has Alcumus made you a subject matter expert?

Before working at Alcumus I had no knowledge of health and safety. I came into this company in a Retention Sales role and now work as a Technical Support Officer advising contractors on their health and safety documents. This of course would not have been possible without the vast amount of training and development offered to me by my colleagues and managers and I am so grateful for their continued support.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I think the most interesting thing about myself would have to be that I have recently been selected to play hockey for Wales! I made my debut when I was selected to play against South Africa in a practice series at the Olympic Park in London, where I scored my first senior international goal! Following my performance in this game I have been selected to play against Poland in a three-day test series away in Poland. This was a dream of mine that has taken 12 years of hard work and dedication to achieve and I am incredibly proud to finally say I have reached my goal!