12 Tips for Promoting your SafeContractor Accreditation

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Written by: SafeContractor
23rd October

Our guide to using your SafeContractor accreditation status to enhance your business reputation digitally

Now you’re accredited - what next? First things first, congratulations on achieving accreditation with SafeContractor! SafeContractor accreditation helps you to evidence your excellent health and safety capability to potential buyers using the SafeContractor seal of approval. We have been accrediting contractors for more than 20 years, and as one of the founding members of SSIP we have helped thousands of contractors to not only demonstrate their compliance, but to also be more appealing to work with.

Here are some of our favourite real-life customer examples for how best to promote your SafeContractor accreditation to your customers...

1. Place your Accreditation Certificate in pride of place at your premises

SafeContractor Accreditation certificate hanging on a wall

 2. Let your LinkedIn followers know about your accreditation achievement

3. Share the news with your Twitter followers with a celebratory accreditation tweet

4. Fire out a Facebook announcement about your SafeContractor accreditation

5. Keep the 'likes' coming in by posting about your SafeContractor accreditation on Instagram

6. Wear our approved seal with pride on your PPE or uniform

 7. Make sure you place your SafeContractor approved sticker prominently on your work van

SafeContractor Accreditation sticker on a blue work van

8. Use our Press Release Template to create your own Press Release letting your local area know of your accredited status

SafeContractor Accreditation press release example

9. You can also host your accreditation announcement on your company blog

10. Add our approved seal to your email signature to let all customers you contact know you're an accredited member

SafeContractor Accreditation badge in company email signature

11. You can also let all of your website visitors know you're an accredited member by adding our approved seal to your website

12. If you really want to make a big bang with your accreditation, do something novel to get your followers' attention!

If you need any support with promoting your business digitally or need us to provide you with copies of our Press Release template or logos please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to tag us in any social media posts you make promoting your accreditation!

If you are looking to receive your own SafeContractor accreditation, sign up here or if you are just looking for some more information you can