Safety is no accident

Ensuring Safety Compliance in Canadian Supply Chains

In the intricate world of Canadian supply chains, onsite contractors are the backbone of many businesses. Yet, ensuring their effective management and safety compliance is paramount. 

Why? Because safety is non-negotiable. It’s not just a matter of legal obligation but a moral imperative. That’s why Alcumus SafeContractor is here to help you navigate the complexities of contractor management with ease and confidence. 


What do we mean by a Dynamic Risk-Based Assessment? 

Our question set and audit process will vary for each onsite contractor. A one size fits-all approach is not applied, instead our SafeContractor question set is dynamic and drives the right questions, according to the risks associated with the category of work your onsite contractors complete.

Our dynamic risk-based assessment is designed to mitigate risks and prioritize safety. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with industry best practices, continuously monitoring health and safety credentials, or assessing operational, ethical, and financial risks – we’ve got you covered. 

Watch a demo

Watch a demo


What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Efficiently Manage Onsite Contractors

Ensure your onsite contractors have the right credentials and competencies in place to complete the work you need them to do safely.

Gain Better Buy-in From Your Partners

Only ask your onsite contractors to complete questions according to their industry sector.

Achieve Cost and Time Efficiencies

Onboard new onsite contractors fast and seamlessly, safe in the knowledge that they meet safety and ethical standards.


Hear From Our Technical Director, Dale Jones

“The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) guidance is straightforward: When hiring a contractor, it’s vital to make sure they have the right skills, knowledge, experience, and organization for safe work.  

The type of questions and evidence needed depends on how complex the project is and what risks are involved. So, any assessment process should be practical, balanced, and tackle expected risks. Using generic questions for all onsite contractors won’t highlight the different risks faced by, say, a painting contractor compared to one dealing with asbestos removal. 

With the dynamic SafeContractor assessment, questions and evidence are tailored to each contractor’s risk profile, ensuring a sensible, proportionate, and risk-focused assessment.” 


Discover the Power of our SafeContractor Platform

Learn how your onsite contractor information is displayed once a dynamic risk-based assessment has been completed and they have received accreditation status.

Take a sneak peek into a short demo to explore the features of our PowerSearch function so you can quickly and consistently find supply chain partners who meet your unique sourcing criteria.

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