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Learn how iRestify has simplified its contractor management with Alcumus SafeContractor

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An Alcumus SafeContractor customer since 2021, iRestify recently achieved their SafeContractor Approval. We spoke with the team to learn more about the importance of health and safety to their organization and how SafeContractor approval has helped them to achieve the highest standards of safety across their contractor network.

SafeContractor: Tell us a bit about your company – what kind of work do you do? 

iRestify: iRestify is a property manager’s all-in-one, technology-driven solution for enterprise-level cleaning, maintenance, and facilities management. We simplify and automate building maintenance so that property managers have more time to focus on their tenants and staff. Our unique approach combines technology with human expertize on the ground to manage all aspects of the maintenance process. We have been operating since 2018 and currently serve multiple cities across Canada, as well as in the U.S.

SafeContractor: Why is health and safety important to your company? 

iRestify: Good health and safety practices are essential for any business. As a business in the property management and maintenance industry, our health and safety practices help us protect our partners and our clients.

SafeContractor: Why did you decide to pursue approval with SafeContractor?  

iRestify: SafeContractor is Canada’s leading organization for health and safety, so we knew that by becoming approved, we would be able to show our commitment to health and safety. This would also help both current and future clients know that we are a company that they can trust.

SafeContractor: What kinds of risks and challenges are encountered by you and your team on the job? 

iRestify: In the property management and maintenance industry, there are many challenges that present themselves on a daily basis. Those challenges typically include a lack of quality assurance protocols, as well as a lack of transparency for the clients. Thankfully, our technology as well as our professional service experts allow us to provide the property management industry with a much-needed solution.

SafeContractor: What made SafeContractor stand out amongst other competitors? 

iRestify: SafeContractor stood out amongst competitors because we reginize that is already used by many of the leading property management companies across Canada, with great success.

SafeContractor: What advice would you give to your peers in other locations who continue to use traditional/manual contractor management processes today? 

iRestify: With manual processes, there is a higher chance of repetitive errors. When it comes to health and safety measures the goal should always be to limit risk. In partnering with a company like SafeContractor to become Approved, organizations are able to identify gaps in their current process and determine what modern solutions they can adopt to enhance their current health and safety measures.

SafeContractor: What value does your SafeContractor Approval bring to your business, or what do you hope to gain from your SafeContractor membership? 

iRestify: With our SafeContractor Approval, we hope to gain increased visibility within the property management industry as a company that adheres to the highest level of health and safety standards, all while providing high-quality service.

From our Alcumus SafeContractor team to yours, we would like to give our sincere thanks to everyone at iRestify for sharing their insight with us!

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