Detailed policy reporting across the supply chain

  • Find all the information you need related to the structure, activities, and policies across your supply chain
  • Number, size, and activities of suppliers for every site
  • Activities by supplier
  • Supplier location, and location of work
  • Number of suppliers used by the contractor
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Modern slavery e-learning curriculum

  • Upskill your employees, contractors, and suppliers with up-to-date learning about Modern Slavery
  • Developed in collaboration with Slavery Free Alliance
  • Curriculum can be customized to client-specific messaging / branding
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SafeEmployee Learning Management

  • Communicate company policies across your supply chain including how to spot it, and what to do about it
  • Distribute training and policy documentation
  • Track acceptance of company specific rules or policies, for example terms and conditions, site rules, or human trafficking policies
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Interested in learning more about the requirements for modern slavery reporting?

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