Verification Process

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a link so that you can start your assessment and make an initial submission of documents.

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Verification Process

Your submission will be reviewed by our team of risk mitigation experts, who will review your initial submission and then reach out to work with you to make sure your business is articulating your capabilities.

Once you are satisfied with your submission it will be appraised by our team and you will gain verification based on the information you have provided.

Gain verification with support from our team of risk mitigation experts who will work with you to:

  • Identify missing elements needed for verification.

  • Keep your business up to date of any industry changes.

  • Provide expert feedback, as well as links to expert guidance and templates to implement best practice procedures.


The Benefits

Verify your legal, moral and financial credentials to help your clients assess compliance across their supply chain.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality practices and processes.

Gain peace of mind that your business has the relevant sustainability paperwork in place to meet industry best practice standards.

Show your sustainability proficiency against competitors.

Stay ahead of the competition when tendering for more work opportunities.

Improve your compliance through verification.

Promote your commitment to sustainability best practice by displaying the approved seal.

Inspire confidence and strengthen your relationship with your client.

Help to reduce the risk of incidents occurring for your client, such as: physical injuries, reduced productivity, fines/investigations, or damaged business reputation.

Access savings for your business and your employees.

Access savings for your business and your employees with our exclusive member benefits package.

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