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Getting accredited can feel like a daunting task - Alcumus PSM will help you through.

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Is it time for a Health and Safety Consultant? Can our human resource consultants bring ease to your workload?

Getting accredited can feel like a daunting task. It could be that you’ve just won a new contract but on the condition you’re able to prove your health and safety commitment by becoming accredited. Alternatively, it could be you don’t have the capacity to complete everything that comes with getting fit for accreditation.

Our expert health and safety consultants are here to guide you through your health and safety needs and accreditations. We may not be able to do your accreditation on your behalf, but our expert knowledge will support your business each step of the way. Think of them like a driving instructor – they show you how to drive but they don’t drive for you.

This is where our HR Consultants and Health and safety consultants can help.

Check out our simple guide to accreditation and where our expert consultants and our platform Evalu-8 combined can offer you bespoke templates, functionality and advice when you need it. You’ll be fully equipped to deal with your accreditation with this team by your side.

Core Accreditation Requirements

A Health and Safety Policy

Competent Source of health and safety advice


Staff Training and Qualifications

Training Matrix

Site Inspections

Risk Assessments

Activity specific procedures such as Work at Height, Isolation, Confined Space etc.

Work Equipment Maintenance Records

Method Statements

Alcumus Consultancy Team and Evalu-8 Solution

Alcumus health and safety consultancy team will create a Health and Safety Policy for your business and tailor this for your needs. This will be held on Evalu-8 where it can be shared with staff.

By appointing the Alcumus health and safety consultancy team you will have access to qualified and experienced H&S professionals. A certificate of appointment will be provided to confirm this which can then be shared with potential and existing clients.

The Evalu-8 platform allows information to be shared simply through the platform, dependant on the access level an individual has to the platform. Audit trails will capture when information has been shared with staff and will demonstrate receipt of information.

The Evalu-8 platform allows you to record training records and qualifications against your employees and reminders will be sent when training is due to expire.

A training matrix is automatically built for your business when you upload training information for your staff. This can be exported at any time and shared.

The Evalu-8 platform contains a configurable inspection form tool which can be used and tailored for inspecting your own premises or for on-site inspection services.

The Evalu-8 platform allows you to create a risk assessment for a specific job and share this with your staff. The risk assessment can then be kept on file for future use.

The Health and Safety Policy created by the Alcumus consultancy team contain arrangements and procedures for the topics that are relevant for your business. The Risk Assessment building tool will also incorporate specific control measures for the hazards of your work.

Maintenance records can be stored in your platform and reminders can be set to ensure equipment stays maintained. Coming soon – a full Health and Safety management program which incorporates an asset register.

Full functionality coming soon on Evalu-8.

Are you ready to start your journey with a health and safety consultant? Do you need HR guidance? Speak to our expert team of human resource consultants.

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Are you ready to start your journey with a health and safety consultant? Do you need HR guidance? Speak to our expert team of human resource consultants.





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