Savills Catering shows they take the health and safety of their employees and operations seriously

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Written by: SafeContractor
6th October

Celebrating their 20th anniversary next year, Savills Catering are a contract catering company specialising in the preparation and service of delicious and nutritious meals within care, school, and industry settings.

Gary Buckland, Managing Director, who has been with Savills Catering for over 15 years, explains “I am proud to have a great team, who work together to make Savills Catering the professional, forward-thinking company it is today.”

Client satisfaction

Over the years, Savills Catering have kept client satisfaction as their main driver. They’ve managed to meet the high standards they set themselves by working hard as a team every day.

Gary comments, “I drive the business forward, instilling the highest standards of presentation for the healthy meals we prepare and serve; visiting all of our units regularly; building positive relationships with the Scheme managers; and looking to the future of Savills Catering.”

Excellent communication throughout the team, with clarity in expectations being key to setting the highest standards. Regularly surveying both clients and the residents makes sure they’re meeting their expectations with the catering service they provide.

Gary adds “We want to ensure our residents are happy and that we consistently provide quality meals.”

Why gain accreditation?

Savills Catering wanted to demonstrate the robust systems they have in place, with documented policies and procedures complying with industry standards.

Being accredited allowed them to be recognised as a company that takes the health and safety of their employees and operations seriously.

“We chose SafeContractor as we know other companies who have gained this accreditation and discussed the value and associated importance” adds Gary.

Any advice for other contractors looking to gain accreditation?

“Speak to Alcumus as they were so helpful. They will guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible.”

SafeContractor is a vital part of all contract applications to be able to demonstrate that you have been thoroughly vetted and passed strict compliance standards to gain it.

“We are proud to display the accreditation on our website. We believe it adds credibility and demonstrates Savills Catering’s commitment to professional standards” comments Gary.