SafeContractor accreditation helps to elevate Solinear above competitors

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Written by: SafeContractor
6th April

Architectural Solar Shading and Louvre contractors, Solinear, awarded UK-leading SafeContractor accreditation for third consecutive year.

Solinear is a comprehensive Architectural Louvre, Solar Shading and Brise Soleil solution provider with over 15 years’ experience working as principal or specialist contractors within the construction industry.

“Solinear mission is to provide a safe and positive working environment in which creativity, talent and teamwork remain our core values. Our commitment to safety is paramount, and we are firm believers that everybody has the right to return home after work healthy and happy.” commented Tom Dwyer, Director of Solinear.

“Solinear understands the importance of ensuring that we offer our customers the most secure and approved system we can; putting in place the requirements that allow us to complete projects to the high level of standard expected of Solinear. We are proud that our health and safety standards have passed the rigorous scrutiny of the SafeContractor audit, after all it’s not just the safety of Solinear staff that is of concern – we often work at extreme heights with heavy equipment and must be aware of the general public and other contractors on site.”

He adds “We are proud of our outstanding level of professionalism and diligence, meaning we can boast of collaborations with high profile clients – clients that understandably take health, safety and welfare seriously.

Solinear is thriving. Our work speaks for itself, but we firmly believe that having SafeContractor accreditation helps to elevate Solinear above those who are not affiliated with it. In a fast-paced industry having SafeContractor accreditation assists in making the process of tendering quicker and simpler - we want to take the guess work out of choosing Solinear.”

“In addition to being awarded accreditation by SafeContractor, Solinear can also utilise a range of free services provided by SafeContractor as part of their member benefits package, which help to insure against the many unexpected problems that can arise in the construction industry, such as; free legal advice, a HR and employment law helpline and a health and safety helpline.” continued Tom.

For contractors that want to enhance their reputation for health and safety, SafeContractor, the UK’s leading health and safety accreditation, verifies their compliance and connects contractors to leading organisations through an online portal. This enhances their profile to hundreds of companies that only work with SafeContractor members, saves time and money when bidding on new tenders and gives them the peace of mind that their health and safety practices are compliant with the law.

Gemma Archibald, Managing Director of Alcumus SafeContractor, said: "No-one goes to work to get injured. Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.

“SafeContractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

"We’re thrilled that Solinear have been SafeContractor members for six years, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to delivering the highest standards of health and safety compliance. We wish them every success with their future and are proud to have them within our community of over 33,000 contractors.”