Contractor Spotlight: Veritech Systems Limited

Supplying high-quality security solutions nationwide.

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Written by: SafeContractor
11th August

Veritech Systems Limited is an established security CCTV and access control systems provider dedicated to supplying high-quality security solutions nationwide. They cater to many industries, providing everything from security guards to perimeter protection systems.

Veritech Systems Limited was established in 2009 as a leading provider of manned security CCTV and access control systems and currently employs around 50 members of staff along with an additional team of guards and patrollers.

Managing Director, Paul Oldridge manages the business day-to-day, striving to be the best in the industry and lead by example by obtaining accreditations and training that reflect the ethos of the business. 

Like many will attest to, the effects of the pandemic have highlighted many challenges for businesses, and Veritech Systems Limited is no different.

Managing Director Paul Oldridge adds, "When Covid took hold in the UK and lockdown was in place, one of our night-time control centre operatives contracted Covid–19 that spread very quickly within the business. Within a few days, all the control centre operatives were signed off with Covid-19 for ten days, with no spare controllers."

Due to this, Veritech Systems Limited decided to partner with SafeContractor to improve resource and cost efficiency and highlight visibility to any potential customers. SafeContractor is a non-negotiable for Veritech Systems Limited, with 42% of customers insisting on accreditation through SafeContractor.

"SafeContractor is a benchmark as far as health and safety, and quality checks go. They are a trusted partner for many of our customers and in turn, open these doors for Veritech Systems Limited".