Managing Environmental Risk

Learn how consistently monitoring supply chain risk factors is key for businesses to protect their operations.

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Written by: SafeContractor
1st March

Consistently monitoring supply chain risk factors is key for businesses to protect their operations. For contractors, that means demonstrating that they’re well placed to mitigate risks wherever possible. It can also be an overlooked opportunity for positive relationship development, and longer-term collaboration in key areas.

As the importance of environmental issues continues to grow, contractors and suppliers have both responsibilities and opportunities. Not only do they need to meet mandatory standards for environmental protection, but they also need to help their customers (larger businesses) to reduce their impact on the environment.

With those top-tier organisations becoming increasingly focused on more demanding goals, such as science-based carbon targets, suppliers will play pivotal roles in addressing climate change. These can help contractors to become more preferred suppliers and show how they can contribute to cost-cutting through more carbon-efficient operations.

However, risks associated with environmental issues can be overlooked and not addressed until after they happen. More businesses are recognising the severity of breaking environmental laws and the reputational repercussions this can have. There have been a number of prosecutions where the company prosecuted was not the company that caused the incident: it was one of their contractors.

Why do these risks matter?

An agricultural waste contracting company has been fined £20,000 following an Environment Agency investigation after polluting a stream while land spreading at a North East farm

Engineering contractor fined £9,000 for silt pollution during construction of new housing development.

Subcontractor fined £10,200 and £42,500 in costs for pollution incident that saw 11,000 litres of diesel enter the groundwater.

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