A Zero Tolerance Approach to Modern Slavery

Evidence that your business is compliant, ethical, and resilient and give your clients peace of mind about you to reduce…

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Written by: SafeContractor
3rd March

For many businesses, the enduring safety of their brand can lie in the hands of their suppliers – especially in an era of near real-time social media feedback. So, there can be significant competitive differentiation for contractors who can demonstrate the positive impacts they could have on their customers’ brands.

Since the Modern Slavery Act came into force in 2015, the number of victims identified has grown year on year. Britain is home to at least 136,000 modern slaves, according to the Global Slavery Index by rights group Walk Free Foundation. Identifying and tackling forced labour in businesses and supply chains is vital to demonstrate that you’re compliant, ethical and managing the risks of vulnerability to exploitation.

From due diligence to risk assessment, contractors need to show that they’re safe to partner with and are transparent about the work they’re doing. Specific evidence of positive steps to tackle modern slavery can be offered as powerful supporting collateral in responding to tenders or to support periodic business reviews.

“Non-compliance can have a huge impact on reputation and business continuity, at a time when businesses are trying to build back and when having the capability to rely on your supply chain is essential.” Gemma Archibald, Alcumus Chief Operating Officer.

Why do these risks matter?

The UK is one of the biggest destinations in Europe for trafficking of workers for labour exploitation. 

Businesses that fail to publish annual modern slavery statements – and ensure that they are accurate across the many tiers of their supply chains – are to face potential financial penalties in the UK under new measures announced in early 2021.

In 2019, some of Britain’s best-known supermarkets and retailers were exposed to selling goods from supply chains that used workers from the biggest human trafficking network yet exposed in the UK.  

We want to make it simple for you to evidence that your business is compliant, ethical, and resilient and give your clients peace of mind about you to reduce risk in their supply chain. Discover how the SafeContractor SSIP and PAS91-aligned certification can help you demonstrate your capabilities.