Get to know the SafeContractor experts dedicated to helping you achieve accreditation.

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At Alcumus SafeContractor, we understand that it takes a little time and effort to get SSIP and PAS91 accredited. That’s why we’ve got a fantastic team of people on hand to help you – over 80 of our own internal advisers and auditors.

Our experts are there to support you during the accreditation process and to make sure you get the most out of your plan. They’ll guide you and provide health and safety, HR, ethical practices and legal advice to help your business, so you have the best possible chance of getting SSIP and PAS91 accredited.

Achieving Accreditation - Meet Karen and Morgan



"I am a Technical Support Officer and help contractors who need support through their accreditation. My job includes offering guidance about the documents needed to gain accreditation."

Karen, Technical Support Officer


"I am a Health and Safety Auditor. The team I work with are all qualified and many have worked in the industry before joining SafeContractor, so we know how difficult it can be to have all of the paperwork in place, and are here to help."

Morgan, Health and Safety Auditor

We're proud to have the UK's largest team of 80+ dedicated experts to support you through our jargon-free online assessment. In fact, over 97% of members who have completed our accreditation said our system was easy to use.

Our accreditation process has two stages.

1. Your submitted audit questionnaire will first be reviewed by a Technical Support Officer, like Karen, who will be on hand to provide you with assistance and support. Once our Technical Support team are confident you have submitted all necessary documents, you will take the next step in your accreditation journey to our Health and Safety Auditors.

2. Your submitted documents will be passed to our Health and Safety auditors who will review your submission and advise of any additional requirements to achieve accreditation. Like Morgan, who has now progressed on to becoming an Audit Team Leader, all our auditors are IOSH/NEBOSH qualified and many of them have worked in the industry prior to joining SafeContractor. Our audit team know that the SafeContractor audit may seem like a blocker that gets in the way of your day to day duties, but they are here to help companies of all sizes achieve accredited status which will help them meet their legal paperwork responsibilities.

The right plan for you.

Our plans have been designed to provide our customers with as much speed and support throughout the accreditation process as they require. When considering the right plan for you, consider how quickly you want to become accredited, and how much support you need through your accreditation journey.

Choose My Plan

Making the most of your plan.

We have teams committed to ensuring you continue to find value in your plan and make the most of the resources and exclusive discounts available to you.

Choose Your Plan - Meet Natalie and Rachel



"I am an Account Executive and my role is to engage with contractors to renew their annual plan, ensure they are happy with the service we provide, and see the full value in our plans."

Natalie, Renewals Account Executive


"I work in the Customer Care Team helping our contractors with queries and support with the online portal and questionnaire. We also send out certificates and stickers."

Rachel, Customer Care Advisor

Our Customer Care team are our customers’ first point of contact for any queries they have at any point in their SafeContractor journey. Committed to finding ways to go above and beyond, to improve the service they provide to our customers. You can call our customer care team on 0333 331 4981.

We have a dedicated team of Account Executives responsible for engaging with our customers to help them renew their annual plan and ensure that they are seeing the benefits of SafeContractor. Our Account Executives are a close-knit team who all endeavour to give the best service they can to our contractors. They thrive on speaking to lots of different people from different backgrounds daily and helping the customers they speak with to utilise SafeContractor to enhance their business reputation and win more long-term, sustainable work year after year. Our customers choose to renew each year because SafeContractor gives them peace of mind that they have effective health and safety practices, and helps them grow their business without compromising safety, sustainability or ethics. You can call our renewals team on 0330 127 9808.

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