Your supply chain

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Supply chains are often much larger and more complex than they appear which makes identifying risks. There have been a number of high profile cases that have highlighted the complexity of supply chains, and the increasing reliance on multiple tiers of contractors and suppliers (suppliers’ suppliers, or more worryingly their suppliers).

Risks in your supply chain

The consequences of disruption within the supply chain when things go wrong are many and varied, all of which could have an immediate financial impact on your organisation, but also the potential for long term damage, including (but not limited to):
  • Loss of revenue
  • Damage to reputation
  • Loss of productivity
  • Service fails to meet demand
  • Delayed cash flows
  • Legal proceedings
  • Expected increase in regulatory scrutiny
  • Customer dissatisfaction


How much do you know about your supply chain?

The subcontracting of work can leave a business vulnerable, exposing organisations to major incidents due to lack of knowledge in their supply chains.
After the appointment of the Tier 1 contractor, they are in a position to appoint sub-contractors to undertake the service on their behalf. This approach means that companies attending site are several tiers removed from the Tier 1 contractor, and have not been under the same level of health and safety scrutiny that the Tier 1 contractor received prior to their appointment.
If a contractor has not gone through the relevant checks and assessments, the client - and their brand reputation - is exposed to a great deal of risk.
The historic issue lies in identification - how can a client representative easily identify which contractors have met their required standards when they turn up at site?

How can SafeContractor help?

Visibility is key; until you know where the vulnerabilities are, you cannot manage them. Only by reducing the opacity of an organisation’s supply chain and implementing sound risk management strategies will the issue be resolved.
SafeContractor has many years’ experience in supporting clients manage their supply chain assurance programmes. We are now launching a membership cards scheme to provide our clients with a means of ensuring only fully vetted contractors can carry out work on their site, therefore reducing their level of risk exposure.
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