New to SafeContractor, SafeContractorplus offers our clients three discreet contractor questionnaires covering:

  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Equality and Diversity

SafeContractorplus has been designed to enable SafeContractor clients to collect insights into a contractor’s social, ethical and sustainable practices, hassle free.

Why adopt SafeContractorplus as part of your health and safety compliance?

Whether your business has a fast growing international presence, you are serving a wide range of corporate or public sector clients or your brand has a strong reputation that needs protecting; ethical and responsible sourcing, should be at the heart of your decision making.

SafeContractorplus will enable you to:

  • Review the corporate social responsibility (CSR) values of your contractor base
  • Ensure your organisation CSR values are underpinned by those of your contractors
  • Take any necessary actions to protect you brand and develop a culture of responsible business
  • Demonstrate compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Centralise your contractor ethical, sustainable and compliance data into one place

How does it work?

Adopt SafeContractorplus as part of your health and safety compliance.  Select the questionnaire(s) most appropriate to your CSR Values and let SafeContractor contact your contractor base to let them know about your requirements.

We will make the appropriate questionnaire(s) available to your contractor base and ask that they complete the questionnaire(s), uploading supporting information (such as their environmental policy) within a given deadline.

As your contractors engage and complete their SafeContractorplus questionnaire(s), your SafeContractor Client Portal will enable you to:

  • Search on contractors with SafeContractorplus
  • Review their questionnaire and supporting information
  • Appraise the responses of your contractors
  • Determine those contractors who are most aligned to your CSR values and others that maybe putting you at risk.

Every year your contractors will be asked to update their SafeContractorplus questionnaire(s), meaning you are always equipped with the most up to date information.

How much does SafeContractorplus costs?

Adopting SafeContractorplus is free to SafeContractor clients and each questionnaire will only cost £30 +VAT to SafeContractor members.

How can I implement SafeContractorplus to my existing SafeContractor Health and Safety Assessment?

Contact your account manager today who will be more than happy to help on 029 2026 6715 or email us