Briggs and Forrester Case Study

From SafeContractor Contractor to Client

UK Building Services provider Briggs & Forrester became a SafeContractor contractor
member in 2011 and has since become a SafeContractor client, choosing SafeContractor as
its dedicated contractor management partner. Operations Director Mark Payne explains how
partnering with SafeContractor has benefited Briggs & Forrester:

You are already an accredited SafeContractor. Why did you then become a client?

As part of our Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) certification we were required to conduct external health and safety audits of our supply chain. There are two ways as a business that we could have approached this; either through a third-party partner, such as SafeContractor or using an in-house resource. The most cost effective method was to out-source this work to an independent third party, that’s where SafeContractor stepped in. SafeContractor isn’t just a sell with a single output - it gives our supply chain a further platform with which to develop their own business.

So, what benefits have come your way from also becoming a SafeContractor client?


The primary drivers for us as a business is knowing that our supply chain is health and safety accredited, having visibility of that accreditation and also knowing that our supply chain are receiving benefits. It’s important for us to know that the necessary audits are being undertaken. Equally when you’re looking to comply with accreditation standards, having a focal point such as SafeContractor to measure and monitor contractual responses and obligations in the right way is really important; we stand as one really.

Finally, have you noticed any changes in your business from making the transition and having a dual partnership as both a contractor and client?

Being able to provide a standard message of expectations and being able to reach out to 300+ contractors in a consistent manner is a notable difference to our business, so it’s beneficial that we can use a third party like SafeContractor.
“By partnering with SafeContractor we have greater knowledge, good control measures and can raise  standards throughout our business and supply chain in an efficient and compliant manner.”

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