Membership versus accreditation

There’s a big difference between SafeContractor membership and accreditation. Allow us to explain…

9th May 2016


Once you’ve registered and paid, you are an official SafeContractor member, with access to a host of benefits including:

  • Trade discounts

  • Training discounts

  • Free Health & Safety advice

  • Free legal guidance

While the perks make your membership valuable; it’s taking the next step and becoming accredited that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Why does accreditation matter?

Being an accredited SafeContractor means your procedures, policies, training and insurances have been rigorously audited. This takes risk away from your client, making you an attractive contractor.

After all, there’s nothing more valuable to your reputation than verified good practice… especially if the HSE knock on your door!

As well as the kudos of being SafeContractor accredited, your company will appear in our online client database. Clients use the database to search for approved contractors to carry out work on their behalf - being in this database is key to helping you win more work.

How to become accredited


To become an accredited SafeContractor you must pass a detailed desktop audit.

The process starts with a comprehensive questionnaire in our accreditation portal, which automatically adapts to the size of your business and your areas of work.

Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, an auditor will decide whether your risk management processes are satisfactory and sufficient for your work activities. Once you pass, you become an accredited SafeContractor. If you have difficulty meeting the required standards, our experts will work with you to help you achieve success.

You’ll then receive an accreditation certificate in the post and can request ‘SafeContractor Approved’ stickers to display on your work vehicles.

Renewing your membership and accreditation

Membership and accreditation renewal dates are different. For example, if you register in May, you will renew your membership the following May. If you officially become accredited in June, your accreditation will be due for renewal the following June. We do this so you can start enjoying your exclusive member benefits as soon as you pay your membership fee.

We’ll remind you at least 60 days before your membership is due for renewal. And we’ll remind you well in advance of your annual accreditation audit. The annual audit ensures your risk management processes are of the highest standard, which, ultimately, gives our clients’ peace of mind.

Accredited SafeContractors are well known – and trusted – for their thorough Health & Safety processes, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to win more work.