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Third parties in the accreditation process

Have you been tempted to engage a consultant or advisor to complete the safecontractor accreditation process on your behalf? If so, Stop Now!

safecontractor has noticed a recent increase in the number of 3rd parties providing generic documentation that does not relate to the contractor or work activities being assessed.

The purpose of the assessment process is to determine the competence of your organisation and not that of a 3rd party. It is acknowledged that where health and safety expertise is not available internally, external advice should be sought; however, this advice must be assimilated into the business operation and not created for this accreditation alone.

Applications completed by third parties will not be accepted and may result in your company being removed from our database. We need to assess your company not the consultant you employ.

The information a contractor supplies in their completed questionnaire allows the auditor to determine the level of detail required in the audit. This is primarily based upon the size and structure of the organisation and the work activities for which they require accreditation.

If the paperwork does not fulfil the auditor’s requirements then a report is generated and additional information is requested. This will cause unnecessary delays in the audit process.

Using a health and safety consultant can be costly, with many charging a premium, often double the costs of your safecontractor membership.

What guidance is available?

The safecontractor audit process may be seen as an onerous and lengthy process and, in the majority of cases, a contractor will not pass first time. safecontractor offer as much support and guidance you will need to ensure the necessary standards are met and at NO extra cost!

You will be assigned a dedicated auditor who will work with you to ensure all the necessary paperwork and documentation is complete.

In addition to this support, safecontractor has a number of guidance notes and an SME toolkit developed specifically to help you through the approval process. These documents will help you prepare the general documents needed to become accredited and are available to download from the Resource Library free of charge.

Should you choose to engage a 3rd party to assist you, safecontractor recommends that you consider the following –

If not:

  • Are they competent?
  • Are they a member of a professional body?
  • Do they have practical experience and knowledge?
  • Do they have references?

Joining the safecontractor scheme is straightforward and you can start today. Register your interest by contacting us here or calling us on 02920 266 242.

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